Audio-conferencing device default values


Dialogue is intended to define rarely change information used in reporting documents, as well as in conference's operational management.

CAUTION! An icon of ConfControl1 representing a keyword. The program stores full functionality as long as this field will not be assigned a certain value. From that moment the program will always ask for keyword at the start. If a keyword has already been defined and you enter the wrong value, the program will run in demo mode, which preserves the functionality, except for changes to the database and activate conferences. To edit keyword select the checkbox to the right of it.

ConfControl1  Port activating delay when voice signal detected
ConfControl1  Port deactivating delay when voice signal gone
ConfControl1  Noise reduction level
ConfControl1  Input level
ConfControl1  Output level
ConfControl1  Upper threshold tracking signal level
ConfControl1  Lower threshold tracking signal level
ConfControl1  The duration of ticker signal at the time of activation of the conference. If the value is 0, its duration managed manually by Communication Operator.
ConfControl1  Ticker's frequency
ConfControl1  Ticker's pulse duration
ConfControl1  Ticker's pause duration
ConfControl1  Switch enabling automatic configuration of the conference at the time of activation (reserved for further development).
ConfControl1  List of PC's COM-port(s) to select connected to the controller. After changing the COM port, close the program and start again.


After determining all the required information, click button with icon ConfControl1 to save data in the database. Thus, the relevant information will be written into the controller's non-volatile memory.