The descriptor of Audio-Conference Profile


CAUTION! Dialogue is only available when PC connected to the controller.

The dialogue intended for preliminary description of up to 80 conferences and store them in the database, and record the necessary information to the controller. To facilitate ordering, information about conferences divided into profiles (8) and the conference itself belonging to the selected profile (10 for each profile). Number of the current profile is selected from the list, where already recorded in the controller profiles marked with icon ConfControl1. The number of ongoing conference in the profile determines the selected tab (see. the bottom of the figure), where not empty Conference Description tab highlighted in red.

Conference Description Profile №1 is reserved for automatic activation by controller at power up, regardless of whether or not it is connected to a personal computer where you installed the program. The tab of currently selected highlighted in green, as shown in the figure.

In addition, to facilitate the search for the desired conference in the case of activation, the user can independently determine the name of the group that owns the conference (Refer to the "Object №33") and to make a brief description of the purpose of the conference. The right side of the screen occupied by available to controller ports description and attached subscribers. If for some reason the controller port is not available at the moment, its number is highlighted in yellow and select of such subscriber port will be banned.

The port numbers already reserved for certain subscribers highlighted in red.

The number of available profiles and conferences held by each profile is always constants of 8 and 10. On the other hand, the number of ports that dialogue provides depends on the conditions of the license agreement. Communication Operator's port does not take part in this dialogue, as access to it is always enabled. There are two viewing modes - general and detailed. Initially the dialog is in the public viewing mode, as shown in the first figure, which displays the only information about ports involved in the conference and subscribers, bound to them.

To access the detailed view, click the left mouse button while its pointer is over of the desired port. Port's button enters the pressed position and the left displays information that has been entered in the dialog subscribers - the name of the Organization, telephones, commentary, as well as priority and status of the subscriber in the selected conference. For added convenience, below chosen Organization will be shown a list of all its subscribers. In this case, the currently selected user is marked in the list with icon ConfControl1. List subscribers organization can "scroll", but details will remain unchanged and reflects the subscriber data, marked by the icon ConfControl1. Most of the dialogue have pop-up tips that appear when you hover over them.

PrfAdj1 1

Subscriber Status "Listen / Speaking" depends on the state of buttons with icon ConfControl1 and ConfControl1:

  • ConfControl1 speaking and listening
  • ConfControl1 just listening. Thus, the priority level controller is not shown.

NOTE: pressed button of Subscriber Status has a green background color

To return to the general view, repeatedly press the currently selected button port. Dialogue returns to general view automatically when you select a different profile or conference.


To enter this mode, click button ConfControl1.

CAUTION! When you try to edit the composition of the currently active conference dialogue displays a message ban.

In Edit mode, switching profile and conferences prohibited, but are available to modify the list of groups and comments.


If at the time of activating of the editing mode has not been pressed button of any port, the dialog switches to add subscribers to the conference, as shown in the figure above. At the same time, the list of organizations is also becoming available, but only persons not involved in the edited conference will be present in the list of selected organization subscribers.

However, if at the time of edit mode activating has been pressed port's button, the dialog goes into editing mode.

To add the person to the conference, select it in the list and clicking the left button of "mouse", drag to the button of desired free port. Connect to already allocated or unavailable at the current moment port is prohibited.


If selected subscriber does not have a reserved port, then the transfer will be made, added to the conference subscriber removed from the list of the said organization, and his name appears on the button for the selected port. Otherwise, manually assigning the port to the selected recipient is prohibited and a dialog will ask permission to automatically connect to the port, reserved for the subscriber.

If port is currently unavailable or occupied by another subscriber in the description of any conference, the assignment will not be executed and the dialog displays a message.The names of all added subscribers in the session highlighted in blue.

To edit the title of the conference, go to his window and type in the desired comment:


To edit the list of groups hover the mouse pointer and press it right key. The menu with options Add and Edit will appear. Select the desired action and type text. The added recording will be highlighted in green, edited - yellow.

To edit the status and priority of the subscriber in the conference, click the port's button and appropriate controls will be presented in the detailed information area, as well as the button ConfControl1 to remove a person from the conference.


There are 4 levels of priority port:

  • 0 - The port does not participate in the arbitration of priorities, while a signal is present on it and other ports. Such ports does not disable other ports and can't be disabled by other ports with the highest priority. This port is for cascading conferences and marked with icon ConfControl1.
  • 1 ... 3 - ports participate in arbitration of priorities and in the presence of a signal at the port with the highest priority, all the ports that have lower priorities are automatically disconnected. It uses the default delay on / off. These ports are marked by an icon ConfControl1.

After editing the description of the conference, click the button ConfControl1 to save the database. Because conference's profile has been changed, the icon ConfControl1 will be substituted by ConfControl1. If the description of the required profile conference is complete, press it and the profile will be written to the controller (hardware). Conferences, which descriptions are not stored in the controller can not be activated in the dialogue Conference.

To cancel all changes, click the button ConfControl1.