Audio-Conference subscribers


Dialogue is intended to control the subscriber's overall information, which may participate in the conference. If the database of subscribers is empty, the dialog will automatically go to the tab Detail. Otherwise, the information will be provided as shown in the next figure (tab List activated). Select the Organization from the list. This will show all registered subscribers of the Organization. If a specific port reserved for particular subscriber (see further in this section), its number will be reflected under the heading Port.

For complete information about selected subscriber, press tab Detail:


To edit information about registered subscribers, click button with icon ConfControl1. To add a new subscriber, click button with icon ConfControl1. In both cases, all fields will be available to change the contents.

To delete a contact from the list, click button with icon ConfControl1. If the selected person did not participate in the any conference to the current moment, the removal will be done. Otherwise, the dialog will present a message about the impossibility of removal. The field of "Port's title" is intended to define the contact's name to be shown on the port's button while active conference control.

Assigning Personal Audio Port

To bind constantly some port to subscriber, mark the checkbox "Reserved for the subscriber port" and the drop-down list of not reserved yet ports it will appear to the right:


Unavailable at the moment ports are not shown in this list. Editing of reserved port number prohibited unless the subscriber is currently involved in an active conference. Reserved ports will be highlighted in red in the dialogs of conferences configuration and operational work. After editing, click the button with icon ConfControl1 to save the information in a database. To cancel your changes, click the button with icon ConfControl1.

To quickly identify a subscriber, to which a specific port reserved, click the appropriate tab "Reserved ports" and select the desired port from the list on the left.


The list shows only reserved ports, sorted in ascending order. Communication Operator is not personified.

Note the difference in scale of ConfControl1 on the next and previous figures. The software does not determine a real output impedance of the selected port, but provides an opportunity to choose it to display properly. Mark or clear the checkbox "R-out", respectively configuration of analog interface to which the desired port connected.


Audio Port Signal Levels Adjustment

To adjust a selected port's output and input signal levels, click the button with icon ConfControl1 and move sliders ConfControl1 and ConfControl1 to the desired position. Thus, the controller will immediately set the desired level. If you want to save the settings in non-volatile memory of controller, configure all required ports and click the button with icon ConfControl1. Notice, to include the Communication Operator's port in the save operation settings, first select the radio-button "Communication Operator" and make its settings of ConfControl1 and ConfControl1 as shown in the previous figure. Then click radio-button "Other" and then click the button with icon ConfControl1.


When the device turned on again, set values ​​for the reserved ports will be loaded from controller's non-volatile memory. Drivers of not reserved ports will be configured in accordance with the default values.