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me 2018 12Dear Visitor,

on this site I publish descriptions of some own projects, as well as interesting in my opinion, own ideas of developments, in which participated in the group. In some cases, such as software for the Blood Service, the size of the code on only one programming language make up thousands of lines. If it comes to electronic devices, the volume of code some smaller, but often in different programming languages, such as in Audio-Conferencing Device. Given the fact that programming languages ​​are constantly updated, adding new and older die, I do not pursue the aim to provide project's codes in full. In my opinion, the description of idea of the task implementation is much interesting, comparing to explanation of its realization particular method. For example, most of the software 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' is based on a few basic classes of screen forms, which I wrote to automatically provide the lion's share of operations, without requiring significant additional effort of programming. Because of that, my future work as a programmer in most cases was placing the required elements of the user interface (GUI) on the form and specify the data source to which they attached. And it is the most difficult and expensive part of the solution, because errors in planning of UX are time-consuming and, in some cases, may ruin the project. I will not 'discover America' if will say that in most cases a user can not or will not articulate the problem to the programmer. In the least, I was not working in organizations, where was special task descriptor, user interface designer and other programmer's helpers.

In the case of software for the Blood Service, task for its development did not exist at all. There was a brief period of time working in the joint venture, where I saw the production in that area from inside and after the cessation of activity of the enterprise and own dismissal, I 'fired up' the task of computerization of that manufacturing. As in those days and now, the information available on the subject is very small. So, I think a few hundred pages of description of the project proposed here, might be handy for someone.