BCM - Email Message preparation in the Blood Center - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Other/Rejected Donors Information Exchange/Prepare Message in the Main Menu.

To see information, which BCM places into the file to be sent to neighboring Centers, Select New (see next figure) and push button <View>.

NOTE: BCM disables button <New> if no new information present. It enables button <Repeat> if previously generated files exists.


Next figure presents the part of information to be sent:


As you see, the reason of Donor deferral absent in this report. Scroll the list to check information and  press Key ESC when done, to close the report screen. To cancel message file preparation, push button <Exit> (or press Key ESC). Otherwise, push <Make> button.

BCM automatically generates a message file name and asks where to save it, as shown at the next figure. Select any accessible Drive and Directory and push button <Select>. Now you may send this file, for example, via E-Mail to the neighbors.


You do not need to store the files of messages, prepared by BCM in your Center. Run MESSAGE PREPARING and select Repeat any time you need to make a file(s) copy. BCM presents a list of file names, previously generated, and the number of copies made.