BCM - Email Message File Select Dialog


This section describes an example of Rejected Donors Information, received by a neighbor Center. First of all, copy files to the floppy, ZIP or other drive, accessible to BCM.

NOTE: you should store received files after flushing on the BCM Server, if you need to view them later. Use one ZIP-disk for storing such information and create a separate directory for each neighboring Center.

Select Manager/Other/Rejected Donors Information Exchange/Read Message in the Main Menu.

BCM will ask you to select a Drive and Directory, where received messages stored. Pick one new message and push button <Select>. At the beginning, all new messages are checked against the list of Partners, registered by your Center. If you got messages from unknown Partner, the next warning appears:


Such Information files will be rejected from the process of flushing to BCM Server.


You may see the name of unknown source in the list, but access for selection will be prohibited (see figure above). Check the list of Center's Partners and add, if neighbor who sent Information file(s) absent there.

NOTE: the category Information about donors must be marked for such Partners.

Message from the ‘LIVER RESEARCH LABORATORY’ enabled in the list above to select, and you may push button <View> to see received information, or button <Flush> to copy it to BCM Server. At that time BCM will check the message body, and if file modified you may get a warning, shown in the next figure. Processing of such message(s) will be canceled.


Next figure shows a situation when ‘LA Regional Plasma Center’ already included into the list of Partners and accessible now. You see the Information about file name (E1EL0001), the date it was generated by ‘LA Regional Plasma Center’ (18 March 1999) and Number (1). Compare with figure above concerning message from the ‘LIVER RESEARCH LABORATORY’.


Next figure presents process of reading the ‘LIVER RESEARCH LABORATORY’ message body. You may see that it contains information about 200 Donors.


Rejected Donors Database Update

Push button <Flush>, when you ready to copy the downloaded information to BCM Server. Next figure presents the final report after flush done.


Run READING MESSAGES and select Previous to view any previously received message later:


Next figure shows the reaction of BCM Registry, if Permanently Rejected by ‘LA Regional Plasma Center’ donor visits your Center.