BCM - Donor Fee and Incidents processing in the Blood Center - Form


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Registry in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER. Enter Donor Daily Number, for example D2, in the field of Daily/BCM Local Center Number. BCM will present the dialog, shown at the next figure. Fee, prescribed for current Donation(s) by Program, already in the field Today $. You can modify its value if needed. Additionally, the Donor Fee history for the last month appears in the list of Previous for 1 Month.

BCM checks Final Weight of the collected Unit against prescribed, and if difference exceeds limits, the next list of Problem reasons activated automatically:


NOTE:‘Machine error’ and ‘Disruption of Electricity’ reasons absent in the list in case of Manual Donation.

Incident Descriptor

Select the reason of Problem and press ENTER. If ‘Problem with donor’ selected, the next list will be activated:

  • Painful VP
  • Vasovagal reaction
  • Citrate problem
  • Convulsions
  • Accidental removal of needle
  • Red Cells spillage
  • Heart attack
  • Infiltration in arm
  • Saline in plasma
  • Death
  • Other

Select the appropriate reason and press Key ENTER. The screen for an Incident Report will be activated:


NOTE:BCM presents an Incident Report if a ‘Problem with donor’ selected. Otherwise, just internal notes are made, but not an Incident Report.

Fill in the Incident description. If donor hospitalized, press Key ‘y’ in the field Was donor hospitalized (y/n). In this case, the fields Time, Hospital and Address are enabled for input. Otherwise, you are prompted to the field Was Medical Director notified of reaction (y/n). Press Key ‘y’ if ‘Yes’ and fill in Time when Medical Director was notified. If Donor were not hospitalized, the list of Donor instructions will be enabled to type your note. Navigate to Next Donation Schedule Limitations and select Physician confirmed report from the list. If no Physician present in the Center, Today Responsible Person appears there. To close Incident Report and continue, push button <Save>.

If it was a Plasma Donation you’ll be asked next question:


Push button <No> to fill out the weight of lost RBCs.


This time BCM uses definition of Max qty of RBC Donor can lose w/o rejection and calculates the date of the next possible Donation. To do this properly, BCM taking into account the Center’s Working Schedule, QC limitations (if present) and/or Incident Report and amount of RBCs lost.