Blood Donation Automatic prohibition if no data about Product Storage Conditions - Popup


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Donation/Prescription in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.

This message will be shown if the 45 minutes limit of waiting for temperature data in the Product Storing Place(s) runs out. If current time is between the period of Check Time + 45 minutes, BCM warns that temperature must be entered to avoid Donation prohibition.                            

Select Storage/Product Storing Place(s) Temperature in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER to open next dialog.


Fill in the information needed (temperature data in the Product Storing Place 3-1).


As you see, BCM automatically presents 2 strings with prescribed Check Time for each Product Storing Place, which needs temperature control at current time. BCM compares the temperature data with Alarm Temperature definitions for selected Product Storing Places. If a temperature higher or equal to Alarm Temperature entered, the next warning will appear.


NOTE:only Today’s Responsible Person can confirm <Yes>.

If you wish, add some temperature data for other dates and time (press Key CTRL+A). Press Key CTRL+D if you want to delete this data, but erasing of information, which time is equal to prescribed Check Time (by Product Storage Place definition), prohibited. Press Key ‘ESC’ or ‘CTRL+ENTER’ to exit selected Product Storing Place table of temperatures. If more Product Storing Places needs temperature data in current moment, the button <Next Place> will be enabled. Push it to get into the list of Place # and select the next one. Push button <Save>, when all data entered.

BCM immediately start checking of each Unit in the Product Storing Place(s) against Product Storing Conditions, defined in the Program of Product Collection. This time you see a message like ‘Checking Product Storing Place #1...’ etc.

NOTE: if any problem occurred you’ll see appropriate message and warning. Storing Place Temperature Log and/or Product Auto-Re-labeling Log generated automatically.


Let’s get back to Donation of Donor Daily #2.

First of all, we have to prescribe the method of Donation (if different by Donation definition), volume of a Unit to be drawn and Bleed #.

NOTE:donation must be performed in the next sequence:

  1. Prescription
  2. Soft Goods Set-Up (if BCM Soft Goods accessible in your BCM package).
  3. Unit/Samples Processing

             Otherwise, you’ll get an appropriate message.

The next figure presents Donation Prescription. Select the Method of Donation and press Key ENTER. You’ll be prompted to the Product Label Selection, as shown.


NOTE:Product Label Selection can be done in different ways. This figure shows a situation when Bar Code Reader available at the Donation station.

As you can see, BCM shows only a template of the Label to be assigned to the current Donation. Scan the next Label from stock.

If wrong input, BCM answers ‘Wrong Label System!’, as shown at this figure. The same message will appear if the scanned Label has differences in Prefix and/or Suffix, comparing to what BCM expects. But you can scan something like ‘ALPHA125699REG’ where the Label Prefix and Suffix as needed, but number out of range. For example, in case if a Label number is short one (1) digit, you will get the message above. BCM checks each scanned Label against expected to apply and prohibit assigning of wrong. You’ll be asked about Today’s Responsible Person for confirmation if some Label(s) in the stock are lost. For example, ALPHA00002REG scanned, instead of expecting ALPHA00001REG.


NOTE:if you have several Active Orders for Product Collecting by some Program, BCM presents different Label templates in a loop, to each next Donor. For example, you have 2 orders for different Customers to collect Product by Program ‘Primary Plasma’. By customer specification, first Order uses Labels with template ‘BETA0000SUPER’, and the second uses ‘ALPHA00000REG’. In this case, if a previous ‘Primary Plasma’ Donation got a Label ‘ALPHA...’, the next will get ‘BETA...’ You can suspend or cancel Product Collection by some Order if, for example, Order for ‘ALPHA...’ labeled Products must be finished as soon as possible.

The next picture shows help information if you push the button <Tests Info> (see dialog “DONATION-PRESCRIPTION” above).


As you can see, each Test marked with a reference of how it is requested. For example, the figure above shows that QC requested ‘Special Quality Test’.

NOTE:to prepare a list of Samples and Back Ups to be collected, BCM uses current Donor Program of Product Collection, Order definition (concerning Labs, providing Testing), QC special requests (if present), Donor current Activity status and previous Donations Test results.

If everything OK and Donation permitted, push button <Continue>. If Donor wants to cancel Donation, or Program has to be changed, etc., push button <Back to QC>. You’ll be are asked to fill in some comment, explaining why Donor referred to QC.


Now we are ready to perform Donation. Follow the next chapter (Soft Goods Set-Up), if Soft Goods control in use at the Center. Otherwise, continue with the Unit/Samples Processing.

Soft Goods Set-Up

Select in the Main Menu Donation/Soft Goods Set-Up and press Key ENTER.


BCM shows almost the same screen as Donation/Prescription, but 2 new buttons present – <Soft Goods Used> and <Goods Info>. If you need help about what has to be used for current Donor, push button <Goods Info>:


To get to the list of Soft Goods possible to use, push button <Soft Goods Used>. Press Key SPACEBAR on the LOT(s), which soft goods you will use at current step of donation:


NOTE:notice that only Soft Goods, defined for use at Process of ‘Product Collection’ and prescribed for Today’s Use, appears in the list.

Unit/Samples Processing

The last action in the process of Donation is filling in the Unit Final Weight and confirmation of the  needed Samples collected. Select Donation/Unit/Samples Processing in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.


Enter the Final Weight of collected Unit. In the next figure it is 310 grams. Comparing to prescribed 300 grams, the difference is more than 1%, as defined by the Admissible departure of Product Collection Norm for Product by Automatic Collection procedure. In this case, BCM asks to confirm if it is correct data:


Enter the number of Samples and Back Up(s) collected, and select the Product Storing Place in the list of Storage Place #, where this Unit may be stored. Usually, you have more than 1 Product Storing Place needing Temperature Control, and all them will be shown in the list. BCM generates warning message if you’ll select a Place, where current temperature is out of limits for Normal Product Storing Conditions for this Unit, as defined by the Program of Product Collection.

NOTE:only Today’s Responsible Person may confirm storing Unit at an exceptional Storing Place. Remember that BCM checks Product Storing Conditions and such Unit(s) can be Automatically Relabeled accordingly to the Program of Product Collection rules.

Push button <Done> when all needed information present and BCM refers Donor to Registry to get a Fee.

NOTE:Unit/Samples Processing procedure takes time and sometimes Donor cannot wait for its completion. Donor can be paid at the Registry before this procedure is finished. But First Time New Donors must wait till Unit/Samples Processing is done.