BCM - Blood Center Automatically Created Messages for QC


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Let’s get back to the Donor Daily #2, referred to the QC in our example. Select QC in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER. Type 2 in the field DAILY DONOR #.

As you see, Donor identification information appears and provides the message, generated by BCM automatically, based on the registration procedure. BCM cannot continue Donation if no Program prescribed.


Program Assignment

To get the next screen of Program assignment, navigate to the button <Set program> and press Key ENTER.


Choose the Program you want to assign to the Donor from the list of Program Names, and press Key ENTER. To confirm Program selection, push button <Ok>.

NOTE: the only Programs, which have assigned Active Orders definitions, will be shown in the list of Program Names.

<Test Inquiry> is the next control button, which may be helpful in QC. Push it if you want to check the list of Product Tests to be performed at the current donation.


The list of all Product Tests, defined for use in the Center, will be shown in the screen TESTS INQUIRY. As you see, just ABO GROUP test has data of STATUS and FREQUENCY, because by definition, the only this test must be done to control Product Collected by Current Donor Program.

NOTE: STATUS may be:

  • Auto: prescribed automatically by BCM
  • QC+: prescribed by QC (special requirement)
  • QC-: if Test requested automatically was canceled by QC

                        FREQUENCY may be:

  • ONCE: if Test has to be performed just once (One-Time Test)
  • EACH VISIT: Test must be done for each drawn unit
  • PERIOD: if Test has to be performed periodically. In this case, the Last Date sample material drawn will be shown at the column LAST, and the Next Date sample material must be drawn will be shown at the column NEXT.

Additional Tests Assignment

Sometimes you may want to add some Test(s) for Product, drawn in a current donation. For example, you want to check if it is possible to switch Donor to another Program in the future. In this case, scroll to appropriate Test Name and press Key SPACEBAR. If selected Test absent in the list of bound to the Current Program, you are prompted to the list, titled SELECT PROGRAM TO BIND TEST PROCESSING RULES.


Only the Programs, which have a prescription for selected Tests, will be present in the list.

NOTE: BCM supports automatic treatment of Test(s) Results for each collected unit and its reaction described in the Program rules. In particular, it is possible to adjust some Program in the way, when the same unit tested in accordance with the rules of one Program will be marked as Reactive, but Normal by the rules of other Program. Additionally, the rules can take into account the selected Program definitions, concerning Donor Temporary or Permanent Rejection.


The picture above shows how the TEST INQUIRY screen looks after you add QC request to provide SPECIAL QUALITY TEST. To return to the main QC screen, push button <Save>.

You may leave a comment for QC (push button <Comment>).


COMMENT screen has 2 parts. At the top part you can read all previous comments, done in this Donor visit.

NOTE: You may get detail information about any donation by selecting Manager/Information in the Main Menu.

Button <Show Msg> intended for reading of messages.
Button <General Tests> - reading of Screening data.

NOTE: visibility of  some input fields can be limited by General Tests definitions.


As shown in the figure above, some General Tests fields available for data input, but Urinalysis disabled. In particular case it is because Urinalysis Test results must be filled in after Questionnaire. Let’s leave this screen without any change (press Key ESC) and push button <OK> in the main QC screen. BCM examines what done and refers Donor to the next Function.

The next message will be shown because Donor did not pass Screening and Questionnaire. Otherwise, Donor might be referred to the Questionnaire or Donation (if was not rejected by QC). Push button <OK> and select Screening.


NOTE: QC has highest priority comparing to Screening. This means, if not all General Tests data present, Donor must stay at the Screening. If QC did not finish General Tests – Donor will be referred back to Screening.

Soft Goods Applied Review


As you can see at the picture above, most of General Tests filled in and have acceptable results by definition. If buttons <Soft Goods Used> and <Goods Info> enabled, you can get help about the kind of Soft Goods must be applied for this Donor. To read this help, push button <Goods Info>.

NOTE: buttons <Soft Goods Used> and <Goods Info> will be hidden, if no prescription of Soft Goods to use in the Process of ‘Donor Screening’ exists (see Soft Goods Main Definition, Use Requirements and Inventory).

It is logical to perform needed Urinalysis Tests now and get results after Donor will finish the Questionnaire (if needed by Program definition). To mark Soft Goods used at this step of Donor Service, push button <Soft Goods Used>.


Just Soft Goods, which may be used at the Screening by the current Program of Product Collection present in the list. Scroll to Soft Goods LOT and press Key SPACEBAR to mark as used. To confirm selection and return to Screening, push button <OK>.

Questionnaire must be performed by current Donor Program rules, and BCM displays the next message: