BCM - Blood and Plasma Donor Questionnaire Start


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Questionnaire in the Main Menu and press Key Enter. Type Donor Daily # and press Key Enter.

NOTE: any time you want to return to the Main Menu from the screen above, press Key CTRL+Q.

Questionnaire, prescribed for this Donor, activated.


Questionnaire adjustment defines BCM reactions to all Donor answers and refer donor to the next Function (step of donation process). If questioning passed without problem, BCM presents the next message concerning Donor Daily #2.

Donor Status Control

We remember that Urinalysis must be performed today by current Donor Program and BCM expects to get these results. Otherwise, Donor had to be referred directly to Donation.


Now Urinalysis fields are opened for input of results. Type the number for Protein and press Key SPACEBAR at Glucose to select appropriate result from the list.


When done, push button <Ok>.

NOTE: previously entered General Test’s results cannot be edited here.

BCM shows the next message if no limits for donation remains:


NOTE: donor can be referred to Donation to take Samples, only. For example, by Product Test results adjustment interpretation. Or Donor is Temporary rejected by QC and some additional test(s) has to be performed.