BCM - Blood and Plasma Center Donor Registration Form


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Registry in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.

BCM supports 2 different ways to use Donors registration by entering:

  • information shown at this figure (usually registering of New Donors)
  • BCM Local Center Number (already Registered Donors)

BCM automatically assigns a Local Center Number (permanent) to each Donor registered in the Center, which BCM can support after his first donation finished. Donation means completion of a Product drawn. Otherwise, BCM does not accumulate a Donor’s current visit information. It’s a good idea to prepare a Bar Coded Label Set for each BCM Local Center Number we plan to use, starting with a selected First BCM# in the Center. You can place this label on the Donor’s Record Folder to make registrations fast, comfortable and faultless by scanning with a Bar Code reader. Additionally, at each visit a Donor gets Daily Donor Number, automatically generated by BCM.

NOTE: Donor Local Center Number accessed at the REGISTRY, only. The rest BCM functions use the Daily Donor Number. So, good idea is to prepare the Set of plastic Tags with the numbers, for example, from 1 to 200.

Donor registration may include several steps. Figure above presents the first step. You may leave blank the field of Daily/BCM Local Center Number and type in the donor’s Last Name, First Name and Initial. Leave the field of Initial blank if no Initial exists. You’ll be asked to confirm donor birthday after field Date of Birth is filled in: ‘Birthday: 03 February 1955?’ shows two buttons <Yes> and <No> to confirm. Donor Sex, Race and ID have to be selected from the list, BCM offers:

  • Sex: Male, Female
  • Race: Caucasian, Oriental, Black, Indian, Hispanic
  • ID: Social Security Number, State Driver License, INS Number, Income Tax form, Passport

Type donor ID# and push button <Register>. BCM will check all donors already registered in the Center and will enable the area ADDRESS if nobody matches.


Select from the list or add new State and City and fill in the rest information of Donor address. Push <Register> button.

Next BCM action depends on Center's Property Ask confirmation ‘IS IT REALY FIRST TIME NEW DONOR?’ definition. It must be marked if your Center already was active before BCM installation. In this case the next screen will be activated:


Push button <No> if current donor really donated even once previously in the Center.

Main idea of the next few dialogs is to make BCM implementation smooth and determine current Donor Status, depending on the Center’s rules. Ensure the current Center condition is properly described in the Primary and Secondary Adjustments. Otherwise, you have no chance to select needed information from the list on the next screen.

Program and Questionnaire Assignment

BCM will check the list of all Programs of Product Collection in use and Orders for Product Collection by these Programs.

NOTE: Programs of Product Collection that have an Order for Product Collection (by selected Rules) will appear in the list of CURRENT DONOR PROGRAM of PRODUCT COLLECTION (See Contract Description).


Scroll the list of Programs and press Key ENTER to select Donor’s Current Program. Current Program in this case means the Program, applied to his last Donation. BCM does not limits user from selecting another Program, for example, if the Program you want to perform now is not the same as on previous donation. But, you can lose some part of BCM automatic control if these Programs have different adjustments, concerning Test requirements, Physical Exam, etc.

For example, previous Donation done accordingly to Primary Program (for example, Primary Plasma). If that program prescribes One-Time Tests and Periodical Tests to the Product, which are absent in the Program definition you want to perform currently, BCM will ask you about these Test Results and will check the Donor’s Status against the Last Donation, and Physical Exam, based on the rules of the Primary Program. Additionally, if it was Primary Program, BCM automatically refers Donor to QC with advice to Change Program. Lost Test Results are automatically marked to repeat (when prescribed by the first Program) and so on.

If the Program you want to apply today is different from the one used at the previous Donation, all checks will be done in accordance with the new Program. Some One-Time and/or Periodic Tests Results can be lost for BCM. Later you can make this Tests request by BCM, but it needs manual selection in QC. To avoid such problems, you may change a Donor Program to another in the current visit later in QC, if you refer the Donor to QC from Screening or Donation functions.

NOTE: Prior Local Center Number is needed if you have manual system of Center’s Donor numbers in use. BCM does not operate with this information, but you can save it if desired to appear at Registry and on some documents, which BCM generates. Last Physical Exam was and the list TODAY QUESTIONNAIRE TO PERFORM can be disabled automatically, if not required by the Program selected.

BCM does not limit you to select different Questionnaire from the list of all possible at the Center.

Previous Tests Results

The next screen activates after button <Ok> pushed in the previous figure.


This screen has a title of Test for which you must have a Result by Program definition. Press Key ‘Y’, ‘N’ or SPACEBAR to toggle an answer for question Do you have this test result?

This picture presents Test Result, which can be just a Symbol. By this reason, the field to input the list of Symbol Test Results enabled, but field of Numeric Test Result hidden. Scroll to the Test Result you know and push button <OK>. The same dialogue will be present for each, if any other One-Time or Periodical Test(s) assigned to use by Program. If you do not have some Test Result the field Last time Sample was collected will be enabled to input the date. BCM checks Program adjustment required for that Test and automatically cross references this for Donation possibility and/or extra Test Request needed.

After all such information entered, the next message will be shown.


Press ENTER.

Search donor in the Database

BCM tracking where each Donor can be currently and you see appropriate message if, for example, will try to register the same Donor again:


BCM may not have a reason to defer, but Donor can leave Center before Donation. Donor’s current visit can be canceled if you push the button <Yes> as answer to the question Donor wants to leave CENTER earlier? If the Donation finished, you’ll get a message of the time period in which the Donor served at the Center.

Next picture shows a situation if trying to Register a Donor, about which BCM has similar information. BCM does not consider Donor’s race, ID and Address when checking New Donor information.


ID and Address can be changed for different reasons and Donor Race can vary because of staff subjective appraisal. In this case, BCM presents a list of similar Donors, including Temporary or Permanently Rejected by Neighboring Centers (if Neighbors Information Exchange is in use).


Scroll the list of IDs to view the information of all similar Donors.

NOTE: notice that BCM collects information of different IDs shown by Donor at previous visits. For this reason scrolling the list of Donor IDs may not change some other information.

Each Donor will have a mark at the top of the screen. Figure above shows the situation when you point to ID of a registered Donor (* TODAY ALREADY REGISTERED *). Other marks can be like:


NOTE: last 2 marks is an example.

If you found that JUST ENTERED DONOR is already registered in the list of IDs – press Key ENTER on ID of that Donor. Button <Register> will be enabled to proceed. Push it to get BCM appropriate reaction.

NOTE: the message ‘Found the same Donor in the list. Registration canceled!’ will appear if you try to Register Donor with the same Last Name, First Name, Initial, Date of Birth, Sex and Race, but different ID. BCM will ask Today’s Responsible Person Confirmation if a Donor with the same Last Name, First Name and Date of Birth found.

The next picture shows situation when registering a New Donor in the Center. This screen will be shown if you have already prescribed Programs of Plasma and Whole Blood and Active Orders for its collection. Otherwise, depending on the Product you currently have in Programs and Orders adjustments, you are asked ‘Visitor wants to be Plasma Donor?’ or ‘Visitor wants to be Whole Blood Donor?’.


The screenshot shown in the next figure helps to make prescription of Program for New Donor easier, when <No> is selected. In this case, if visitor wants to be a Donor, BCM automatically assigns Primary Program of Product. The situation possible if visitor have some documents helps you to skip Primary Program and prescribe some other (Special) Program. In this case, push <Yes> button.


USA NDDR Phone Service Access Code

If the Center's Property Generate USA NDDR phone service access code are marked, the next message will be shown for First Time New Donors. Use this message as a reference if you are using telephone access to USA NDDR.


Press ENTER to get the message about Donor Daily Number and where his service continues. If <Yes> selected in previous figure, BCM refers Donor to QC, because a Special Program has to be assigned:


NOTE: to avoid mistakes and separate responsibilities at staff level, switch Donor to another Program of Product Collection can be done by QC, only. Usually, Program assignment needs Donor checking with Physician input to support Registry staff.