BCM - Blood and Plasma Center Donor Screening Results Input


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Now let’s get back to the Donor Daily #1, referred to the Screening from Registry. Select Screening in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.

To see Donor information and provide GENERAL TESTS results, enter 1 in the field DONOR DAILY #. The number of fields enabled for input on the screen depends on the current Donor’s Program and General Test’s definition. You may fill in some fields and close this screen by pushing button <Ok>. In this case, other BCM Functions will refer Donor to the Screening until all information is complete.

The next figure displays situation when some Test(s) result is out of normal range by Donor General Test’s definition.


To edit data, push button <No>. Otherwise, you’ll get a message like this.


This figure shows a message, which appears if button <No> pushed in the figure above.


NOTE: but, you can push button <Yes> to continue Screening, because other General Test(s) abnormal results might be a reason for longer period of Donor deferral. If you need help or not sure about this Donor – push button <Refer to QC> and type some comment. Finish Screening by pushing button <Ok>. Another person, who has access to QC, may read your message and complete General Test’s results.

Automatically Generated Messages

Now let’s go with Donor Daily #1 to the Registry as prescribed in the figure above. Select Registry in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER. For fast Donor search, type D1 in the field Daily/BCM Local Center Number. Next screen will appear:


You can read in the MESSAGE FOR REGISTRY, and additional information about where and when it was automatically generated. Current visit finished.

NOTE: notice there was no donation and Donor did not get BCM#. Otherwise, you can see BCM# instead of Daily # at the top of the screen. On the other hand, if Donor has assigned BCM#, you can type it in the field Daily/BCM Local Number to obtain his Daily#.