Blood Center Manager software Activation Key


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

First of all, the copy of BCM software must be installed at the station, assigned to be the BCM Server. To start BCM you run the BCM.BAT file in the directory of BCM. You’ll be asked to enter the Activation Key Code, obtained from the company providing BCM software.

 NOTE: do not close BCM without entering a Key Code at this stage! Otherwise, at the next start BCM will show another Secure Code and will expect appropriate new Key Code.

If you enter the wrong Key Code, BCM closes automatically with the message “BCM illegal copy!” Otherwise you see the next screen. “Author has right to modify BCM source code to expand its functionality”. Push <YES> if this message is present.


NOTE: this is the next improved software version, and BCM modifies the structure of needed Tables without changing of Data, collected by previous version . After messages about the tables to be modified, you’re prompted to the next screen.


 With the key <TAB> select drive, directory and pick the file ‘FUNC_ACT.DBF’. BCM stores this file in the subdirectory SHARE. Then you’ll be asked about location of file ‘CNTR_SET.DBF’. As you can see, BCM stores this file in a PRIVATE subdirectory.

NOTE: At the moment of BCM installation at the Client Station(s) you have to select Network Drive of BCM Server.

Super User Assignment 

The next screen asks to fill in information, needed for the person, who has full access to all BCM functions, prescribed in the package.

 NOTE: Some BCM features might be prohibited to use by the BCM Use Agreement (for example, Program of Product Collection Definition, Product Tests Definition and Soft Goods Definition). Such features can be seen in the list of BCM Main Menu, but may not be available for modification.


 The Start Date here means the first day a current person is registered at the current Center. The choices on predefined lists are:

  • Sex: Male, Female
  • Race: Caucasian, Oriental, Black, Indian, Hispanic
  • I.D.: Social Security Number, State Driver License, INS Number, Income Tax form, Passport
  • Vaccination: No, Hepatitis B
  • Access to computer: No, Yes

Some other lists (City, State and Title) can be expanded if BCM does not offer what you need. In this case select <ADD> at the bottom of the list, press the ENTER and type new information in the field to be activated.

NOTE: the <SAVE> button appears automatically if all required information present.

Computer Stations and its Configurations

BCM can be configured to use at the different number of Computer Stations starting from 1. In the next screen you’ll be prompted to adjust BCM configuration.


If case the only one Computer Station in use, just mark all BCM functions by SPACEBAR. MANAGER function is already marked and disabled for change. This is a BCM limitation – just the BCM Server Computer Station in a LAN (Local Area Network) can use MANAGER function. Other functions can be used simultaneously at different Computer Stations. For example, you can have 7 Computer Stations in a LAN, where 3 adjusted to use the REGISTRY function.

NOTE: REGISTRY and MANAGER functions are marked with [X] in this figure, which means the only these 2 functions will be present at the BCM Main Menu of Computer Station #1. 

After functions of BCM Server Computer Station are marked, push <SAVE> button. If BCM will be used at the only one computer station (server), push <DONE>. Otherwise, if you planning to use BCM in a LAN, push ‘Choose Station to EDIT configuration’ and open it. Next figure shows how several BCM Computer Stations (clients) can be adjusted.

NOTE: click on after needed BCM functions marked and you want to begin adjustment of the next BCM Computer Station. Do not forget to push when  finished.


Push <DONE> to activate the Main Menu of BCM at the top of the screen and can continue with BCM adjustment.