Blood and Plasma Center Main Properties - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Adjustment/Center Description/Properties from the Main Menu

The next screen is activated, where Name, Number, License #, State, City, ZIP Code and Address fields prohibited from editing. This information is already present in the BCM database, delivered to the client Center based on the software Use Agreement. The other fields have to be filled in, but can be modified any time you run this adjustment.


The purpose of fields AREA CODE, PHONE, WORKING SHEDULE and CONVERSION COEFFICIENTS doesn't needs comments.

First BCM# in the Center - you can type here any number to be applied to the first Donor, registered by BCM.

NOTE: this field will be disabled for editing after the very first donor Registered by BCM!

Donors registered – BCM increments this field automatically at the moment of each New Donor registration.

Ask confirmation ‘IS IT REALY FIRST TIME NEW DONOR?’– leave this blank if your Center is brand new and just begins operation. In this case, each New Donor for BCM is treated as a New Donor in the Center. Otherwise, there is a special dialog for each Registered Donor as BCM needs information and current Donor Status of which test(s) previously performed and when.

Generate USA NDDR phone service access code – if you mark this field BCM generates this code each time a New Donor for Center is registered. Code will be shown as a message on the screen.


Mark these fields if a Bar Code Reader present at the Computer Station(s) assigned to provide  functions Registry, Donation and Storage. Some differences of BCM interface and operation explained further.

‘ELTRON’ printer available– this feature is not inculcated in current BCM version.

Neighbor Information Exchange– BCM supports generation and exchange of encrypted messages about Temporary and/or Permanently Rejected Donors between Centers, where BCM in use. Such information accessible via E-mail or floppy disks. In addition, BCM can read and automatically download NDDR information, sent periodically on diskettes by USA FDA to the Blood/Plasma Centers.

Auto Back Up to – a list of the possible logical drives on BCM Server Station enabled if you mark this field. Press SPACEBAR to mark drives you want to use for this purpose.

NOTE: Logical Drives you want to use for Auto Back Up must have BCM/PRIVATE and BCM/SHARE directories. If you did not create it on the chosen Back Up drive, the next message will be present.


Back Up period – describes the Auto Backups period. In the figure it is 20 minutes, which means BCM will do the database backup to drives every 20 minutes. For example, first 20 minutes to drive D, next 20 minutes to drive E, next 20 minutes to drive D, etc.

UNIT volume can be Edited by:

You may wish to edit the volume of Product Unit collected. This can be done by Storage function, for example, while Center staff preparing Product Shipment examining each Unit. In such case mark &Storage. Otherwise, only Manager can edit a Unit volume.