Blood and Plasma donor General Tests - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Adjustment/Center Description/General tests from the Main Menu

NOTE: General Tests means the tests performed each Donor visit, to check the service acceptability.


General Tests List includes Temperature, Pulse, Donor Weight, Blood Pressure Systolic, Blood Pressure Diastolic, Hematocrit, Total Protein and Urinalysis (Protein and Glucose). You can define its results applicable limits and BCM action if out of range.

For example, in this picture you can see that Donor may donate if Temperature is arbitrarily set in range of 96 – 102. But, Donor must be Temporary Rejected for 1 day if Temperature is out of this range. In addition, Donor must be examined by QC if in range of 98 to 101 (the numbers here are examples and should be set accordingly to current Standards). The check-boxes in the area Stations defines where and when Test Result can be entered.

NOTE: at the picture you see that URINALISYS result can be entered at the Scr (Screening) Computer Station, only.

For example, you can mark Station Scr for Temperature and clear Scr for Hematocrit, but mark it for Station QC. In this case, Hematocrit result entering is prohibited at Screening, but possible at QC.

BCM limits places in the Center, where Donor must be present at the each step of donation procedure. For example, it is impossible to apply BCM Donation function for particular donor, if all General Tests not done or Questioning is incomplete by assigned Program of Product Collection etc.

See the Station definition difference for Temperature and Urinalysis. Station Reg (Registry) is blank at Urinalysis because time is needed to get test results and a Donor may be started in Questioning. After that, Donor can be referred to Screening to fill in Urinalysis results. Otherwise, if Scr (Screening) Station is marked for Temperature, that means Temperature has to be done and result entered before Questioning.

Urinalysis Glucose Test result can be select from the following list:

         NEG, +, ++, +++, ++++

You have to assign corresponding reaction of BCM for each result.