Blood Center Manager software Questionnaire Designer - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Adjustment/Questionnaire from the Main Menu

BCM supports Questionnaires Design for different Programs of Product Collection.


Push button New to start describe the Questionnaire.


Donor Answer - Choice

First of all, provide the Questionnaire Name and Description. Push button <APPEND> to add a new question. You’ll be asked about Answer Type (category) for each question. Push appropriate button to get the question definition dialogue.


Here you can type Question Text, choose applicable for this question Donor Sex, and assign BCM reaction for Donor answer. The list of 6 predefined BCM reactions to each Donor answer provided:

  • Accepted: Questioning is continued and next question asked
  • Additional question: when you push button <DONE> the screen opens to describe the next sub-level of a current question. BCM supports 3 sub-levels for each question
  • Temporary rejection: a numeric field opens to enter a rejection period
  • Permanent rejection: Donor will be a life-long rejected in the Center (Indefinitely deferred)
  • Stop questioning: Question function is canceled and Donor referred to Center staff to get help. BCM considers Donor did not pass Questioning and all other Donor activity will be stopped until Questionnaire passed or Donor deferred
  • Cont. & refer to QC: Questioning continued, but Donor will be referred to QC with explanation when finished

NOTE: BCM analyzes Donor’s all answers after Questioning finished and makes a choice, based on prescribed reactions for each answer. For example, if two questions have answer, which requires deferral for different periods, BCM will defer Donor for the longest period.


Select box [Attach Help...] and press SPACEBAR key if you want Help information available for current question. Help information to the question will be shown at the bottom of current question frame. Donor can press F1 key to get help for any question, that information attached.

Push <OK> button when help description done. You’ll be prompted to the Question Edit screen. To get back to the main screen of Questionnaire Designer, push button <Done>. Your first question is already in the list and you can now add a new one.

Donor Answer - Date

With the aim to see a difference in BCM interface, let's assign an Answer Type Date to the next  question:


You have to define if expected DATE is before or after of current date, which is the date when particular Donor asked a question. Next to be defined is the Date Type: Period or Key Date. If the aim of this question is to check if Donation is possible at the current visit based on information of Donor activity in the previous 2 weeks, then we have to select Period as a Date Type and adjust this to 14 days. We do not want a Donor be accepted if donations would be in this period and selecting Temporary Rejection in BCM will type a Date in the Period for the Donor. Otherwise, Donor can be accepted.


Sometimes we need to define some Date as a Key Date and check donor answer related to this date. In this case select Date type: Key Date.


You may try how Questionnaire works in process of its design. Push <Try> button.


This moment BCM does not ‘know’ current Donor Sex and asks to select it. Only questions applicable to a Donor selected.


Choose answer and check BCM reactions accordingly to Questionnaire definitions.


Donor Answer - Number

Next example shows question, which Answer may be a Number:


This question will be asked only to Females and Donor will be Temporary Rejected for 365 days if she had 2 children at the moment question was asked. Push button <Done> to save this question and get back to the root Questionnaire Designer screen.

Push <Save> button and then <Exit> to return to Main Menu.

NOTE: to speed up process this dialog initally developed by other programmer, but redesigned by me later, because of bugs