BCM - Blood and Plasma Samples for the Testing Lab - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Product must be tested and Samples sent to the Lab(s). Select Storage/Confirmation/Samples Packing in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.

BCM does Samples distribution automatically and the next screen presents the list of Laboratories, where you have to send Samples for testing.


Confirm or type the date when Samples shipped. BCM fills in current date automatically, but it can be modified. Select the Lab, you need for Samples packing and shipping, and press Key ENTER.

NOTE: you may run Samples Packing dialog an unlimited number times to add new Samples to the list for the same Shipping Date.


Packed Samples Confirmation

To mark Bleed # as packed, press Key SPACEBAR on it. Use CTRL+A to toggle mark all Samples shown on the list, if needed.

NOTE: the list of Samples to Send is sorted by Source Material and Bleed #.  Source Material can be:

  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Whole Blood
  • Urine

Pay attention to the type of Sample Source Material you mark.

In the column Note usually written ‘Sampl’, but if one or more Samples were not drawn in the Units/Samples Processing and the Unit(s) still was not defined as Untestable, it can be:

  • B-Up    (Back Up)
  • Spec!   (prepared by Special Procedure)

The next picture displays situation when CTRL+N pressed at the Bleed #ALPHA00004REG.

NOTE: if number of collected Samples less than prescribed, BCM presents the dialog at the Units/Samples Processing.


If so, push button <Yes>.


BCM tries all variants, possible to save a Unit as usable for the Program, by which it collected. First, BCM checks if a Back Up present and its Source Material is acceptable to provide Test(s), required if Sample lost. If Back Up present and its material acceptable for tests to do, you are asked to confirm Back Up packing, instead of Sample. If Back Up use is impossible, BCM will check if lost Sample Test(s) must be done at each Donation. If not, Sample for this Test can be drawn at the next visit as shown at this figure, and the lost Sample erased from the list.

If the lost Sample must be tested as Each Visit Test(s) and a Back Up not available, BCM will check if Unit material may be used for that Test. You are asked to ‘Provide a Special Procedure’ on Unit to prepare a new Sample. The Unit will get the status ‘Untestable by Program it was collected in’ if your answer is negative. Otherwise, the mark ‘Spec!’ appears in the column Note in the line of lost Sample.

The last variant shown at the next figure, when BCM can not found any possibility to use Back Up or Unit material, to provide required Test. In such case, the Unit will get the status of ‘Untestable by Program it was collected in’.


After all Samples to be sent selected and marked as packed, press Key ‘TAB’. Buttons <Next> and <Done> gets visible  at the bottom of screen.


Push button <Next>, if you want to continue Sample packing for a shipment to the next Lab on the list. Push button <Done>, if you want to save what was done. All needed documents will be prepared automatically by BCM.