BCM - Blood Center Rules of Products Shipment - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Product/Shipment/New in the Main Menu.

To define a new shipment, BCM presents the next screen. First of all, provide the Shipment name. The name must reflect its predestination and be informative enough to find, if you'll want to check it later. BCM warns if the name already exists. The list of CUSTOMERS includes Center Partners, marked as Buyers and/or Incineration of reactive materials. Select the customer to send Product to, and press the ENTER to move to the list of LOTs. BCM scans all Product, stored in the Center currently and presents a list of LOTs, which contains packed and/or waiting for packing confirmation Cartons.

NOTE: the only already packed Units can be shipped to a Customer.

As you see, the LOT ‘MIXTURE’ contains one Carton #2:


Every time you move the cursor to the next LOT, list of CARTONS shows the Number of Cartons, belongs to it. Compare figures above and the next one, which shows the list of Cartons, belongs to the LOT ‘SPECIAL PLASMA (DONORS GROUP #1)’. Press Key SPACEBAR on the LOT you want to ship - all Cartons in the list will be marked as included into the Shipment.


To move the cursor into the list of CARTONS, press Key TAB. Press Key SPACEBAR on the Carton(s) you want to include or exclude from the Shipment (see next figure). BCM recalculates Volume, Cartons and Unit numbers for the LOT and CURTONS selected and marked to include into this Shipment. Compare figures above and the next one.

NOTE: notice that BCM calculates LOT VOLUME, measured accordingly to the LOT Definition. For example, all Units, which belong to LOT ‘SPECIAL PLASMA (DONORS GROUP #1)’ must be measured in Ml. BCM shows LOT Volume as 3.652 L. If needed, you may include the LOTs, which has different definitions of Unit volume measurement. For this reason the TOTAL VOLUME of all Product to ship recalculated in Kg, as shown in the next figure (3.726 Kg).


While scrolling the list of CARTONS, you may check content of each Carton by pressing ALT+I (see prompt ‘INFORMATION: ALT+I’ at the bottom of screen at the figure above). Press Keys ALT+I on Carton #23 to see a list of Units shown in the next figure. 


Scroll the list of Units to check all. Press Key ESC when done to check another Carton, or finish Shipment definition by pushing button <Save>. BCM warns that only marked Cartons will be processed.


To save current Shipment definition, push button <Yes>.

Editing of Shipment Order

Select Manager/Product/Shipment/Edit in the Main Menu. The list of the Names of all Shipments, still not confirmed as Sent to Customer, appears (see next figure). Let’s add some cartons from the LOT ‘MIXTURE’ to the Shipment ‘Urgent to GAMMA (request from 03/10/1999)’. Select Shipment Name in the list and press Key ENTER.


Use the same procedure, as described in the section Shipment Definition, to mark Carton(s) to be sent. Next figure shows that LOT ‘MIXTURE’ contains just one Carton #2 with 1 packed (or ordered to be packed) Unit.


NOTE: it’s not best idea to send near empty carton, but this is just an example. In the real life you may use Product Unbinding to combine Units from different LOTs into one LOT (like ‘MIXTURE’) and pack into the same carton.

Sending Confirmation

BCM defines the LOTs as still present in the Center until its Sending confirmed. Select  Manager/Product/Shipment/Sending Confirmation in the Main Menu.


To confirm the Shipment as sent out, select it in the list and press Key ENTER. BCM will check if all Units to be sent confirmed as packed (or replaced) in their Cartons. If not all confirmations done, the next message appears:


Storage/Packing/Replacement Confirmation or Manager/One Step Confirmation dialogs can be applied to proceed. Run Shipment Sending Confirmation lately again to get the next screen:


You can modify 2 parameters now:

1.      The Date when Product SENT (BCM automatically fills it in with current date)

2.      The Carton’s numbering system in the Shipment. Let’s recall the CARTONS # definition, based on the LOT description for Center use.

But in the particular Shipment, customer may want to start Carton's numbering, for example, from #71, as shown in the figure above (if all LOTs sent as one Group). Although, customer may ask to mark all sent Cartons of the LOT ‘MIXTURE’, starting from #5 and ‘SPECIAL PLASMA (DONORS GROUP #1)’, starting from #200. In such case, you have to select Cartons GROUPED by LOTs (see figure above) and type a First CARTON # for each LOT in the Shipment as follows:

  • Select Cartons GROUPED by LOTs
  • Select LOT ‘MIXTURE’ and move cursor to the field First CARTON#
  • Type 5
  • Select LOT ‘SPECIAL PLASMA (DONORS GROUP #1)’ and move cursor to the field First CARTON #
  • Type 200

Push button <Save> when done. BCM will show buttons <View> and <Print> to view or print out Shipment Documents. To finish your work with Shipment Confirmation, push button <Exit>.


NOTE: Shipment Document available after Sending Confirmation in the dialog Information.

Delivery Confirmation

Each Shipment delivering to the Customer has to be confirmed.

Select Manager/Product/Shipment/Delivering Confirmation in the Main Menu. BCM presents a list of Shipments sent out. Select the Shipment and press Key ENTER. The next screen activated. You may check sent Product as described in the section Shipment Definition.

NOTE: in the next figure Carton(s) numbered accordingly to the Shipment Sending Confirmation procedure.


Fill in the date when Shipment Delivered and push button <Save>.

Customer may return Product to the Center. BCM warns that Product Recall can be performed before Shipment Delivery confirmation, only. To cancel Delivering Confirmation push buttons <No> and <Exit> (or press Key ESC). The next chapter describes Product Recall procedure.

Product Call Back

Select Manager/Product/Shipment/Recall in the Main Menu. BCM presents the list of sent out Shipments to choose one for Product Recall. Select needed and press Key ENTER. BCM activates the next screen of SHIPMENT CALL BACK.


Use the same procedure as described in the section Shipment Definition to mark LOT(s), Carton(s) or Unit(s) returned to the Center. Figure above shows an example return of two Units (‘ALPHA00003REG’ and ‘ALPHA00007REG’) from the LOT ‘SPECIAL PLASMA (DONORS GROUP #1)’. Press Key SPACEBAR to toggle mark as shown in the prompt at the screen bottom.

Push button <Save> when done. BCM pops-up the next warning:


Push <No> if you want to unbind returned Product from any LOTs in the Center. Otherwise, BCM saves LOT binding attribute for each returned Unit, as it was at the moment of Shipment Sending Confirmation. Returned Product will be marked as Unpacked. This is a BCM limitation and you have to be sure of situation in this case. You can create an order to pack returned Units and mark Cartons with the new numbers, which BCM will prescribe.

BCM usually warns if you try to move Product to the Storage Place, which temperature conditions do not fit. But in case of Product Recall it just asks where you want to place the Units returned. All temperature control is up to you (see next figure). Select Product Storage Place and push button <Done>. Later you may replace these Units if needed.


Delivery Confirmation (continuation)

Next figure shows the Shipment ‘Urgent to GAMMA (request from 03/10/1999)’ delivery confirmation. Notice that Units ‘ALPHA00003REG’ and ‘ALPHA00007REG’ absent in the list of Carton #72, because they are Called Back.


Fill in the date it is Delivered and push button <Save>.