BCM - Blood Product Test results control - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Product/Testing results/Input in the Main Menu and press Key ENTER.

NOTE: Testing results input possible just for Samples, Packed for Shipment.

In the list Received from you’ll see all Labs, where Samples sent for testing and BCM waiting results. Select needed Lab and press ENTER. You are prompted to the list via with 4 choices to select: Fax, Mail, Phone and File.

NOTE: the 4-th choice File disabled in current BCM version.


BCM will ask you to check and confirm address of the Source of Information:


Then type the Date of receiving and BCM will present the list of Bleed Dates to select.


Assign Sample's Test Result

Select Bleed Date and press ENTER. BCM will prepare a list of Test Name for which it expecting results for Samples, collected that date. Select Test Name for which you have results and, press Key ENTER to get the list of Samples to be checked by that Test.


As you can see, the Sample ‘ALPHA00001REG’ drawn 27 Feb 1999, has to be tested by a ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’. Press the Key SPACEBAR on its line.

NOTE: if more than one Bleed No. present in the list, you can mark the group with the same Test results. Press Key CTRL+A to toggle mark for all Samples in the list or scroll the list and press Key SPACEBAR on the Sample(s) you want to group.

Button <Apply> enabled. Press Key TAB to move out from the list of Samples and push <Apply>. The next screen activated to input Test results for selected Sample (or group of Samples).


Select the Symbol to apply from the list of Test result Key Words and press Key ENTER.

NOTE: the list of Key Words and their accessibility depends on Test Description. If Test result does not have to be a Symbol, the list of Key Words will be disabled. The same happens if a Test result does not have to be a Number.

‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ requires Symbol and Number Test result by definition. Additionally, it requires a Titer (quantitative) result. For this input, the fields of Result and Titer are opened.


NOTE: button <Ok> in this figure enabled if all needed information present, only. Otherwise, you cannot save Test results.

Titer needs some explanation as to why it is required. As we remember, ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ for Bleed # ‘ALPHA00001REG’ added by QC, and its result has to be treated to comply with rules of the ‘Primary Plasma’ Program of Product Collection. ‘TITER REQUIREMENT POSSIBLE?’ marked ‘Yes’ for ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ (compare this parameter adjustment, for example, to ‘ABO GROUP’). On the other hand, next figure shows that the field Request Titer is blank in the adjustment of ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ for ‘Primary Plasma’ Program.


BCM may mark Titer as an Optional Parameter for you to skip it. But if it was a QC special request, BCM asks for information about the Titer level. The same occurs if the field Request Titer marked in the figure above (Program descriptor).

To apply entered information on selected Samples and return to its list, push button <Ok>. Press Key TAB to move out from the Samples list and push button <Change Source>, to move to the list Received from.Select another Lab, Bleed Date and/or Test Name for the next Sample list to mark Test(s) results. The next figure shows a situation when you want to apply NEGATIVE as a ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ result to a group of Samples:


Push button <Save> if you want to make permanent the Test results, entered.

NOTE: BCM asks to Save Test(s) results any time you change Source of Information, to select another Bleed Date or Test Name.

Push button <Exit> when you want to finish current session of Test Result Input (this button will be enabled after first saving done). BCM presents the next message:


Process Test Results

To process Test(s) results, push button <Yes>.  Otherwise, if you are planning to input more information later, push button <No>. You can use Manager/Product/Testing results/Results Treatment any moment to run Samples Test(s) results processing accordingly to the rules of Program(s), by which Product collected. BCM processes accumulated information and if some Test(s) results are a reason of Donor Permanent Rejection you’ll see the next message:


As we remember, BCM action assigned if ‘SPECIAL QUALITY TEST’ results are POSITIVE by the Program ‘Primary Plasma’ – Donor must be Permanently Rejected and Look Back for 300 days has to be done.

NOTE: if Donor has to be Temporary rejected, BCM automatically calculates the date of next possible visit and performs product Look Back (if prescribed by the Program) automatically. All appropriate documents will be prepared automatically and saved in the Units/Donors Rejection Log (See Manager/Information).

BCM cannot reject a Donor permanently without confirmation. Today’s Responsible Person has to select Manager/Product/Testing results/Life-Long Rej. Confirmation.


The next screen presents information about Donor(s) to be Permanently Rejected by Program(s) rules:


If Donor cannot be rejected, push button <Roll Back>. In this case, all Test(s) results of Sample ‘ALPHA00001REG’ will be cleared and you have to input again. To prove Test results, push button <Confirm> – Donor will be marked as Permanently Rejected and Automatic Look Back performed (if prescribed). Button <Leave for Later> does not perform any action. Click it if cannot make decision in current moment.