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You can get detail information about the history and current status of Soft Goods, for any date or period of Center activity.

Select Soft Goods Status in the list of reports and push button <Print> or <View>. The next is example of a Soft Goods Status report about package of BOTTLES, opened before 30 March 1999.

NOTE: select Sealed to make inventory of Soft Goods, not used yet.


                                                                SOFT GOODS STATUS

                                                                                                                                DATE OF REPORT 30 March 1999
                                                                                                                                TIME OF REPORT 16:34

451 / LA Regional Plasma Center
Lucky St.77 RESEDA, CALIFORNIA, 451236                                         


                                             OPENED BEFORE 30 March 1999                               


NAME - PLASMA #2 By Beta
LOT  - 78956 HGT                                Exp. Date 01 January 2001
Currently in store 5230    Current LOT Status - PRESCRIPTED FOR TODAY USE

First permit to use 23 February 1999 By PROKOFIEV A.V.
First time applied 27 February 1999 to Donor Daily #2
Last time applied 29 March 1999 to Donor Daily #1                              

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