BCM Assigning Labs to the Blood Product Testing - Selector


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Partners/Common Testing support in the Main Menu.                   

NOTE: BCM supports automatic generation of Sample List(s) for each Product Unit taking into account its Program of Product Collection definition, Test definition, QC special requests, Donor activity and previous tests results. BCM needs the last parameter to prepare the List of the Tests binding to each Lab. Usually, the Center sends Samples for testing to a Lab, selected independently of the product Buyer (Customer) for economical, geographical, historical and other reasons. In this case, you can define each pair of Test and Lab as a Common Set to use any time when other limits does not exist.

‘TESTS LIST’ in this picture includes Tests, prescribed to use at this Center. The list ‘Test provided by:’ contains all Partners, marked with category ‘Testing of blood product’. Select in the list CENTER’s Laboratory, if yours Center actually performs the Test(s).

NOTE: you can disable any test by ‘(***Test not used***)’, but pay attention that it is a Global Reference and such Test will be disabled from use in all Programs.

Push button <Ok> after all pairs of Test and Lab defined.