BCM - Blood Product collection Contract definition - Menu


Select Manager/Partners/Contract description/New in the Main Menu.

NOTE: in general, Blood/Plasma Center activity may be defined as join work with Buyer’s Contracts (or Orders), with the aim to collect Human Blood Product.

The list of CUSTOMER presents Partners from the category of Buyers, which is Alpha and Gamma at the next figure. Select ‘(No current partner)’ if you plan to collect some Products without a current Contract (no customer).


Let’s select ‘(No current partner)’ and press Key ENTER. You’re prompted to a list of PROGRAMS OF PRODUCT COLLECTION. Press Key ALT+A on the line ‘(No programs)’ to activate the screen of ORDER COMPONENT definition.


You see a list of all Programs of Product Collections defined to use in the Center. Select Program to add. Mark the Contract Status.

NOTE: contract can be Suspended, Activated or Canceled manually at any time. BCM can suspend a Contract automatically on its FINAL DATE or at the LIMIT OF PRODUCT COLLECTION volume (or weight). BCM cannot cancel Contract automatically.

Type the START DAY for Product in this Program to begin (BCM automatically selects the current day), then add the FINAL DATE collection should stop and the LIMIT OF PRODUCT COLLECTION BY ORDER CONDITION.

NOTE: if no limit, you can leave the last two fields blank. In this case, the Program Collection can be suspended manually, only. Later you can edit those parameters.

Product Labeling Rules

Next, you’ll be prompted to the List of Final Container’s Labels.


Select appropriate from the list of Final Container Labels, or Press Key ENTER at the line <ADD> to get the Product Final Container Label Description screen. As you can see, Label definition includes 3 parts: Prefix, Number and Suffix. Prefix and Suffix length limited by 5 symbols each. The Number can’t exceed 6 digits. The template of your Label will be present at the bottom of the screen.


NOTE: BCM does not allow Label intersection – each Final Container Label is unique for Product sent to a customer.  Using of the same Label again prohibited. You can use the same Label Description in various Contracts as BCM requires at least different ranges of Numbers with same prefix and suffix. 

To get back to the previous screen, push button <OK> and describe the Label Number range. The Label Number range is adjusted from 2651 to 10100 and is tied to this Contract. Labels used in this Contract for Product labeling may never be used again. If some Labels from this range were not in use, for example, if Contract canceled, they can be assigned to another Contract.


Press Key SPACEBAR to toggle measurement of Unit volume (Gm or Ml). BCM uses this parameter to automatically recalculate Final Container volume at Donation.

Testing Labs Assignment

Press Key SPACEBAR on the field ‘Special Lab(s) List tests provider’ to define another Lab (comparing to prescribed in ‘Common Testing Support’) to perform Tests in the current Program of this Contract. A <Special Tests Providers> button will be shown. Press Key ENER on it.


The TESTS LIST presents all Tests, bound to the current Program of Product Collection. Define each pair of Test and Lab which BCM uses at the time of automatic Sample distribution. To get back to the previous screen, push button <OK>. Push <Ok> to save ORDER COMPONENT definition and get back to the PRODUCT COLLECTION CONDITIONS screen. To save Contract definition, push button <Save>.

NOTE: describe at least one Contract with a Buyer, providing ORDER #. Otherwise, you have no access to modifying PRODUCT COLLECTION CONDITIONS for the CUSTOMER ‘(No current partner)’. Any Buyer can have an unlimited number of ORDER #s, and any ORDER # may include different numbers of Programs of Product Collection for use in the Center.


Select Manager/Partners/Contract description/Edit for ORDER editing or Manager/Partners/Contract description/Lookto take a look (modifying prohibited).