BCM - Blood Product Donation limitations


Note: compare with this task implementation in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select in the Main Menu Manager/Adjustment/Center Description/Donations.

Scroll the list of already described Programs of Product Collections to define Donor’s Fee, depending on Donor Weight, Group and Donation Method (AUTOMATIC or MANUAL). This information will be present in the REGISTRY.

NOTE: pay close attention to information concerning RBCs.

Each Plasma Donation the REGISTRY operator asked ‘All RBCs returned?’. If a problem occurred, the BCM requires information about lost RBCs volume to compare with any defined Temporary Donor Rejection.

Admissible departure of Product Collection Norm parameter needed for indirect Data and Incident control during Donation. For example, if 800 grams of Plasma has to be collected by Automatic Donation, but 700 grams actually drawn, the difference is more than 1% as defined in the figure. In this case BCM provides special dialogues at DONATION and REGISTRY.

DO NOT ALLOW DONATION if poss. Volume < preset ... % parameter can be helpful if Donor Program has limits of Max Weight of Product to be drawn per year.  If Donor is very active, current Donation will indicate to draw just 400 grams instead of 800 grams, because the annual limit would be exceed. But this can be uneconomical to the Center.