BCM - Equipment control in the Blood Center - Menu


Select Manager/Equipment/New in the Main Menu.

NOTE: BCM supports automatic control of Product collected Storing Conditions and needs the  description of Product Storing Places.

Scroll the equipment GROUP List and select needed. Press Key ENTER to activate EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION.


As you can see, there are 3 fields to fill in - Name, Manufacturer and ID Code. Press Key ENTER to exit, otherwise <Ok> button will be disabled as in the figure. The last field ‘Mark as’ BCM fills in automatically. Make an appropriate label for each piece of equipment registered.

NOTE: BCM presents 11 Equipment Groups in a list you can’t change:

  • Centrifuges
  • Communication equipment
  • Computers
  • Copy machines
  • Measurement equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Product Collection Machines
  • Product Storing Places
  • Product extractors
  • Scales
  • Soldering Machines

The next picture shows the Walk in Freezer already described and marked New (just defined in the current session). To define another Product Storing Place, for example, for Reactive Product that does not need temperature monitoring, press Key INS to activate EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION:


Mark this Area with an appropriate label. To save your work, push button <Done> and then return to the Main Menu.


Equipment might have different condition, and BCM will recognize it after Equipment Installation. Select Manager/Equipment/Installation in the Main Menu.


Already described, but still not installed Equipment Group(s) now shown in the GROUP TO SELECT list. Pick equipment you want to mark as installed and press ENTER to activate the next field:



Type in a period of maintenance, and when Manager/Equipment/Maintenance selected, you'll see a list of Equipment, needs maintenance currently. You may edit Equipment Description if Manager/Equipment/Editselected:


Check when Maintenance must be done


Sometimes Equipment can be out of service. In this case select Manager/Equipment/Repair/Begin.


Make a note about its reason.


You do not need to make a note about date and time, when problem occurred, because BCM automatically fills it in. You'll see it when Manager/Equipment/Repair/Finish selected.This screen gives the same possibility to add any comment about repair history as Repair/Begin.