BCM Blood Center Partners - Menu


Note: compare with this task implementation in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Partners/New in the Main Menu.

For better business organizing, BCM supports separating of Partners accordingly to non-modified list of duties:

  • Information about donors
  • Equipment/Soft Goods manufacturing
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Buyer
  • Transportation service
  • Health Care Service
  • Extermination of reactive materials
  • Testing of blood products
  • Guard service

BCM itself needs the next 2 categories:

  • Buyer
  • Testing of blood products

NOTE: Category ‘Buyer’ in this case means any party to which the Center sends Product.

If you plan to use BCM Soft Goods Tracking support, fill in information about Partner(s) in the category of ‘Equipment/Soft Goods manufacturing’.

If you have any neighboring Centers with BCM in use and you provide Rejected Donors Information Exchange, fill in the information for these Centers in the category ‘Information about donors’. Be sure that neighboring Center information is exactly the same as in Center Properties definition. Otherwise, messages from a Center are skipped from processing and you get ‘message(s) from unknown Partner’, where Partner Company Name should appear.

You do not need to duplicate Partner definition tied to more than one category. Only select the Partner and mark needed on the Category List.

Partner's Main Duties

The next figure displays information to be filled in for each Partner.


As you can see, top part of the screen presents complete information about Partner address. You have to give information about as minimum one RESPONSIBLE PERSON (Contact) and his title. Press Key ENTER when Last Name of the second RESPONSIBLE PERSON will be activated to input if you do not have this information. You’ll be prompted to the Categories List.


Use Key SPACEBAR to toggle mark if Partner must be bound to the one category, only. Use Key SHIFT+SPACEBAR if you want to toggle additionally categories. Select a marked category and press Key ENTER to leave the Category List and move to the NOTE area. Button <Save> will be shown if needed information  present.

NOTE: the same screen appears if you select Manager/Partners/Edit in the Main Menu.

Follow the next picture to View, Delete or Restore deleted Partners.


Usually it is the best way to get information fast. The list GROUP TO SELECT presents categories of Partners, which already has some information about (not all categories might be shown). You can scroll this and SELECTED lists to check all data. Push the button <Delete> if information about selected Partner should be erased. Later you can easily restore this information if select Manager/Partners/View/Deleted in the Main Menu. Deleted Partner(s) information remains available, but the <Delete> button is renamed <Restore>.


The next screen shows another Partner category selection.