Blood and Plasma Tests - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Adjustment/Rules description/Tests from the Main Menu.

The next screen will be activated.


Type the TEST NAME and select the Sample Source Material needed to provide this test when Donation permitted and prohibited. Each such situation includes 2 columns for Blood and Plasma with 4 possible choices of Sample Source Material. Blood and Plasma indicates Product to collect by  Donor's current Program.

NOTE: BCM automatically generates the List of Samples to be Collected for each Donor visit, which content depends on General Test Definition, current Donor Program of Product Collection and Order of product collection.

Mark ‘MUST BE SEPARATE TUBE?’ with ‘Yes’ if you want a test Sample to be separated from the other.

For example, some Product Unit has to be tested for 4 Tests. BCM will ask to collect 2 Samples if all these Tests use the same Source Material, except one Test, which is marked as MUST BE SEPARATE TUBE.

Next you select possible TEST RESULT type. If it is not just a Number you’ll be prompted to KEY WORDS definition. First two words (MISSING, UNSATISFACTORY) BCM presents automatically. Type a KEY WORD separated by a comma.

The last field in this screen is TITER REQUIREMENT POSSIBLE. Mark it ‘Yes’ if you are planning to check some special Quality Product Parameter by Titer Level.

Push <Save> button to finish current Test definition.

Add and Edit ways


You can ADD, EDIT or turn over the page of General Test Definition.

NOTE: General Test Description does not define BCM reactions to the Tests Result. This is done to get maximum flexibility of BCM use. You can collect Product by different Programs of Product Collection with the same Test Results for the same Tests interpreted in the different way.