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Select Manager/Soft Goods/Main Definition/New in the Main Menu.

The next screen defines Soft Goods Groups and Soft Goods Names in use, with the aim to bind these to the possible Manufacturers. BCM gives detailed information about when Soft Goods used at any Donation and by whom of Center staff. Additionally, staff can get help on demand about what kind of Soft Goods should be applied to the Donor at the current Donation.


Describe new Soft Good Group and Name. All Partners from the category Equipment/Soft Goods manufacturing present in list of MANUFACTURERS. The list PROGRAM(s) WHERE CAN BE USED includes all Programs of Product Collection, defined in the Center. Use Key SPACEBAR to mark possible Soft Good Manufacturer(s) and Programs, where each Soft Good can be used.

Press Key SPACEBAR at ‘Mark LOT at Donor Processing’ if you want this Soft Good to be involved in the process of BCM automatic support. Otherwise, this Soft Good will not be shown in the pick list at the Screening and Donation as prescribed. Tracing and automatic recalculation of inventory will be disabled. Such Soft Good will be accessible only for manual inventory (see Manager/Soft Goods/Inventory).

The next picture shows Partners ‘Alpha’ and ‘Gamma’ assigned as possible Manufacturers of Plasma Bottle #1, and this bottle can only be used in the Program of ‘Primary Plasma’.


Save each definition by pushing button <Save>. Remaining message will appear:


This means BCM needs a rule about how each Soft Good has to be used.

NOTE: Soft Goods Main Definitions can be modified at any time you select Manager/Soft Goods/Main Definition/Edit

Use Requirement

Select Manager/Soft Goods/Use Requirement in the Main Menu.


This describes to BCM the detailed rules of defined Soft Goods use.


This picture shows an adjustment of Soft Good Use Requirement for BIOSCAN from the Group of URINE TEST KIT. The list PROGRAM OF PRODUCT COLLECTION contains just Programs, where selected Soft Good can be used (see Soft Goods Main Definition). Scroll this list and press SPACEBAR on the Programs, you want to include to the current descriptor. You can see at the picture that both Programs marked, which means the same rules applied. Next, you have to define the Process where Soft Good(s) used.

NOTE: Soft Goods used in BCM conditionally divide the Donor Service into the 3 processes (steps):

  • Screening
  • Product Collection
  • Sample Collection

Mark the check-box of appropriate Process (Press Key SPACEBAR) to get access to its fields. Figure above shows the adjustment, where 1 unit of BIOSCAN must be used at Screening Process for testing of Donor Urine Glucose. Push <Save> button to make this permanent.

The next picture shows example of adjustment, where 1 unit of PLASMA #1 BOTTLES to be used at the Process of Product Collection by PROGRAM Primary Plasma. Rule applicable to any Donor Weight Group (Low, Medium and High) for Manual Donation Method, only (HOW defined as ‘M’). In addition, these bottles can be applied at any Donation of MALE donor, but just at the First 2 donations if FEMALE.


The next picture displays example of Use Requirements for PLASMA #2 BOTTLES:


You can see a difference in the Donor Weight Group definition and Product Collection Sequence for Female(s). Notice the Sequence adjustment for Male(s) comparing to previous picture are the same for MEDIUM and HIGH Donor Weight Groups.

NOTE: BCM presents a pick list of Soft Goods that may or have to be used at Screening and/or Donation, based on rules defined. Soft Goods to be used will have a special mark with the aim to help BCM operator to make an appropriate selection. So, your adjustment is very valuable.

The Sample Collection is last Process, which BCM supports in Soft Goods control. You can use this if any special requirement exists and Center staff needs help, because of its complexity.

BCM performs automatic Samples distribution. Mark needed by pressing Key SPACEBAR.



Select Manager/Soft Goods/Inventory in the Main Menu.


Inventory is the most actively used Soft Goods information because BCM needs actual information about the Soft Good LOT, currently in use.


Point GROUP, MANUFACTURER and NAME of the Soft Good you want to add LOT information.


You are prompted to the list LOTS. Type the LOT NUMBER, its Expiration Date if known, and current quantity IN STORE. As you see, BCM checks LOT Expiration Date (if available) and prevents collecting of information about expired Soft Goods, to avoid it accidental use. Additionally, BCM prevents entering the same LOT NUMBER of Soft Good from the same Manufacturer, but it does not prohibit the same LOT NUMBER in other cases because it is possible in general. Press Key ALT+A to add a new LOT NUMBER. Press Key ESC to exit from list LOTS. Button <Save> is activated. Push it and select the next Soft Good to enter its LOT NUMBER in the same manner.


The last dialog will be done daily when you are checking Soft Good storage and planning what to use today. Point Soft Goods LOT for today’s use and press Key ALT+T. Do the same if you want to clear some LOT, used today. Press Key ALT+D if you want to erase LOT information from the list to decrease its size. BCM can track this for any Donation.

NOTE: you may have a situation when different LOT of the same Soft Goods present in the Storage. For example, just 5 PLASMA #1 BOTTLES of the LOT# 5674-90 remain. A good idea is to mark some second LOT of those bottles for today’s use, to avoid a situation when staff gets an empty list of bottles from which to choose.