BCM - Blood Center Staff - Menu


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Manager/Staff/New in the Main Menu.

BCM gives a good opportunity to assign different levels of access to its functions by different categories of Center staff, depending on their passwords.

NOTE: never change (Edit) levels of access to the person, who was installing BCM. That person must have unlimited access.

You’ll see the same screen as described in the part VERY FIRST RUN. But, if Password to this person is assigned (‘bird’ at the picture) and ENTER pressed – the picture of Main Menu will be activated at the top of the screen. You can navigate by ARROW Keys and mark access possibility by pressing the INSERT Key. Black ‘diamonds’ marks BCM functions, this person may use. As you can see from the picture, Mr. Scott has access to the functions Registry, QC, Screening and Manager\Product\Testing results\Input. Select Done on the Main Menu and press ENTER Key on it to finish the access adjustment, and move to the SPECIAL COMMENT field. Type any comment you want and press TAB Key or CNTRL+TAB to move to the <Save> button. Push it to save information.


NOTE: do not mark the root of any Main Menu branch with the aim to mark access of all sub functions in this way. For example, to make accessible all sub-functions of Manager\Product\Testing results, you must mark them one by one (Input, Results Treatment and Life-Long Rej. Confirmation), pressing INSERT Key on each. BCM will mark automatically all paths to the root bar Manager.

In result, BCM will present the next Main Menu to the person with password ‘bird’. Unavailable  functions shown in Light Grey color. Exit accessible to anyone by definition.


You may Edit staff information by selecting Manager/Staff/Edit in the Main Menu. Navigate to the person needed and press ENTER Key.


Working Schedule

You can view staff by categories if Manager/Staff/View is selected in the Main Menu. Point to needed category and press Key ENTER.


You can bind staff to different categories:


Next screen will appear. Point to “person is absent” and press ENTER Key to define the reason.


BCM fills out Absentee History automatically


NOTE: a person, marked as absent by any reason, has no access to BCM functions and will get a message ‘Invalid password’, even if password is valid and access to computer marked.