BCM - ID data editing of Blood and Plasma Donor - Menu


Select Manager/Other/Donor Record Editing in the Main Menu.

Type the donor number in the field BCM ID#.


For example, Donor has BCM registration #3. As you see, all fields enabled for editing:


NOTE: this time BCM do not checking the presence of ‘twins’, as in the Registry. For example, at first visit Donor registered and donated under the last name of KLEYN. Second visit he registered as BLEYN, because first time it was a staff error in Registry. Now you need to correct this error and modify KLEYN Last Name to BLEYN. First of all, check if BLEYN MARK J already present in the list of Donors (see Information). If so, you must assign all donations from the Donor KLEYN to BLEYN (see section Unusual Situations - Donation Editing). Otherwise, you may edit Last Name KLEYN to BLEYN in the dialog, shown in the figure above.  

Sometimes, you may need to pay additional attention to the Donor at his next visit. Leave a warning message like shown at this figure. This Donor will be automatically referred to QC at the moment of next registration.

Add Future Message

Push button <Message for next visit> and type information to be shown at the  Donor next visit.


BCM automatically will show this message to QC at the next Donor visit. You can see who and when leave the message:


The list of ‘Last 4 visits History’ helps QC to view Donor's 4 previous donations. Select date and press ENTER.


NOTE: the figure above presents main information. You may trace details of any Donation (see Information).

Additional Samples Request

Let’s see how to make a Sample collection request. Select Temporary Reject at the next figure and type the number of days. Next visit filled in automatically, but you can modify it. Push button <Ok> and BCM will ask the next question:


If you plan to collect Sample(s), push <Yes>, button <Test Inquiry> and select Test(s) to provide, as discussed in the chapter QUALITY CONTROL (QC). Push button <Ok> at the figure above when  done. BCM will refer Donor to Donation. Next figure shows Donation Prescription information about Sample(s) to be drawn and it’s Label – ‘BCM#_3’.


Push button <Continue>.

Actions are the same as discussed in the chapter Unit/Samples Processing. But you are not asked about Sample(s) Storing Place and Back-Ups. You only have to confirm that needed number of Sample(s) collected and Donor’s current visit complete:


To finish registration of collected Sample(s), push button <Done>.