BCM - Manual insert of Blood and Plasma product information - Dialog


While preparing of Shipment, you may add information about Unit(s), collected before BCM software installed in your Center.

Run dialog Product Binding. Press Key INSERT while cursor is out of the Selection Result list. Next figure shows adding of data about Unit ‘WSD8907’, drawn 02 Feb 1998 from the Donor 2265 (notice, it is not the BCM#).

NOTE: BLEED#(s) selection must be as in the figure – Unbound/All.

BCM adds a blank string to the list of Selection Result. Fill in the fields Donor #, Bleed #, Bleed Date and Vol (Unit volume measured in grams). Add other Units the same way. Mark all Units to be bound. Press Key ESC to move out from the list of Selection Result. Set BLEED #(s) parameter as Lot/All and pick LOT in the list LOT(s), for which you want to bind the Units inserted.

NOTE: LOT definition parameter Collect Product drawn by must be assigned as Program Selected. Otherwise, binding of manually inserted Units will be canceled.

NOTE: press Key DELETE on the manually inserted Unit row to remove it from the list before save. Notice that Units Storage Place can't be assigned at this dialog and available at the moment of Product Packing order description.