BCM - Blood Center computer station Final Close - Message


Note: compare with the implementation of this task in the 'Blood Center Manager Assistant' software

Select Exit/Final in the Main Menu at the end of each working day. BCM Server will show the message ‘Testing environment...’. If some BCM Station still active at that moment, you’ll see information about its number(s) and a request to turn it off. Turn off all BCM Stations and run Exit/Final at the BCM Server again.

First of all, BCM Server checks if you have new Temporary or Permanently Rejected Donors to exchange information with neighbors. In such case you may see the message, present above.

NOTE: BCM returns to the Main Menu if button <Yes> chosen.

Second, BCM Server checks if it is a correct moment to provide information about temperature in the  Center’s Product Storage Place(s). If it is, you may get the message:


NOTE: BCM returns to the Main Menu if button <Yes> chosen.

Next, BCM will check if all today’s Donors completely served. You’ll get the message if not:


NOTE: push button <No> and run Donor Daily Log (Detail) report (see section Information). Check if the Time Out data filled in for today’s Donors. If some Donor Daily # has blank Time Out in the report, that means they are still in the Center for BCM. Run Registry, Screening or QC and enter that Donor Daily #, to find where they should be now. Finish each Donor visit completely.

BCM Server oriented to decrease the main disk space in use. So, it flushes rare needed files of daily work (BCM Logs) to other drives. Later you may use those Logs to get detail reports (see Information). BCM automatically generates the next Logs depending on situation:

  • Daily Donor Visits: each working day
  • Product Shipment: for any Product Shipment, starting from its Sending Confirmation
  • Samples Shipment: for each Samples Shipment after Samples Packing Confirmation
  • Product Relocation: if there was any change of Unit(s) Storing Place
  • Permanent Rejection: if there was Donor(s) Permanent Rejection
  • Donor(s) Incidents: if any Donor Incident occurred
  • Units Re-labeling: if BCM performed automatic Unit(s) Relabelingdue to wrong Product Storing Conditions
  • Warning(s) of Product Relocation: if some Unit(s) must be moved out from the Incorrect Storing Place(s)

BCM asks where to store each Log, as shown in the next figure. Do not change the Log name – it is prohibited. BCM generates a unique file name for each Log. Select Drive, Directory and push button <Save> to move Log file(s) to another drive.


It is unlikely, but you may push button <Cancel>, if do not want to copy a Log. In this case BCM asks if you really want to erase this Log from the Server. Notice, after months of intensive work you may have megabytes of rarely needed Logs on the BCM Server disk.

NOTE: using 100Mb ZIP-disks is an alternative for information organizing. To store information of one-year of work you need about 3 Zip disks. Separate a disk for Daily Donor Logs and create 4 subdirectories for each year quarter like DDL1st, DDL2nd, etc. Separate Product Shipment Logs on the 2-nd disk with subdirectories like PS1st, PS2nd, etc. The 3-rd disk intended to other Logs with subdirectories:

  • Samples: for Samples Shipment Logs
  • PrdReloc: for Product Relocation Logs
  • Reject: for Permanent Rejection Logs
  • Incident: for Donor(s) Incidents Logs
  • Re-label: for Units Re-labeling Logs
  • Warning: for Warning(s) of Product Relocation Logs

You may assign other names to subdirectories that help you operate with Logs. Each disk must be labeled with the year for fast access to information about Center activity.

When Logs copied to the disks you’ll get message:


To confirm erasure just copied Log(s) from the BCM Server, push button <Yes>.

Emergency Exit

Select Exit/Emergencyin the Main Menu. You may use it in case of power down, when BCM Server must to be turned off quickly if powered by battery (UPS). There is no difference for BCM Station between Emergency and Final Exit, but BCM Server provides special dialog if Final Exit chosen.