Blood and Plasma Center Computer Station Definition - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

During the very first start, it will be offered to you to describe a purpose of the given computer station. For example, the computer intended for self-survey should support only function of donor Questioning. On the other hand, functions Service, Quality Control and Reports are usually necessary for front-desk. For editing press button Edit and mark appropriate functions in the list, and if necessary add the brief comment. Save adjustments and restart the given station (apply Final Exit). Pay attention to the heading of a window - BCMA automatically assigns unique number to each computer.

ATTENTION: if the given station stores Main Database (is the server), it will get the name ‘Center's Control Station’ instead of number. Do not mark ' Can be used as Mobile Group Server ' for such computer. Notice also, that only for one station in a network it is possible to apply function Manager (excepting stations, which are supposed to use in role of Mobile Group Server).

Only the functions assigned for the given station, will be present in Main Menu:


NOTE: you can change adjustments of purpose of Station later.

Standard method of Mobile Groups support is the sanction to it of remote access to the Main Server of establishment. Distinctive feature of BCMA is the possibility of their support in off-line mode if that opportunity is absent in destination. For this purpose, the group should have own server of a local area network. Thus, it is necessary to take into account, that it is possible to assign all possible functions to one computer and place a temporary copy of database on it, if the hard work of group not supposed.

Therefore, if the given computer is supposed to use sometimes as the Server of Mobile Group, it is necessary to put a tick in checkbox 'Can be used as Mobile Group Server'. If simultaneous work of several Mobile Groups computers supposed, it is necessary to mark desired number of them in a similar way. We shall note, that while connected to the Main Server of a network of the Center, these computers continue to operate as usual Client Stations, even if there is a copy of a database of the Main Server already on them. Moreover, if Mobile Group did not register any donation (for example, departure has been cancelled), its Server can be later reloaded with fresher copy of the Central Database. Otherwise, in the beginning it will be necessary to flush to the Main Server the data saved up.

NOTE: if the Server of Mobile Group contains a copy of a database, access to checkbox denied. For allowing, it is necessary to flush its data to the Main Server.

Main Menu

Further description of BCMA will actively refer to the names of menu items. The following picture shows it in expanded form:

Blood Center software main menu - Service and Product 
 Blood Center software main menu - Manager
 Blood Center software main menu - Reports

In addition, without dependence from purpose of Station, the Main Menu contains item Active windows, intended for simplification of navigation among windows of currently active dialogues: