BCMA - Blood Donor Questionnaire designer


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

BCMA supports unlimited number of Questionnaires, which you may define and bind to a different Programs of Blood Product Collection. This dialog will help you to:

  • Describe unlimited number of root questions with up to 2 sublevels each
  • Reorder root questions
  • Assign BCMA reaction to donor's answer for each question

First, select the Questionnaire from the list of Questionnaire Name, described in dialog Common. The purpose of buttons at the bottom is (from left to the right): New, Edit, Delete and Change Root Questions Sequence. Push appropriate button to begin design of current question. Choose applicable to the question donor Sex, which predefined values is Any, Male or Female, and select Age group from the list. During questioning, BCMA removes from the sequence a questions, which inapplicable to particular donor by the rules, described here.


Next, enter the text of root question. Questionnaire must be designed in the way, when donor has just two choices of answer – Yes or No.

Now you have to assign BCMA response to donor answer. This is the list of possible reactions for the questions of root level and first sublevel. The second sublevel has just choices Next and (!)Next.


Here is the description of BCMA responses shown in the list above:

  • Next – proceed to the next root question
  • (!)Next - proceed to the next root question. Refer donor to QC when questioning finished. The question text and donor answer will be available to QC for review.
  • Sub question – proceed to sublevel question. You have to describe this question and BCMA reactions for donor answers Yes and No.
  • (!)Sub question - proceed to sublevel question. The question text and donor answer will be available to QC for review. You have to describe this question and BCMA reactions for donor answers Yes and No.

Push button Save to finalize current question description. To change the root question position in the list, push button Change Root Questions Sequence. The Root Questions List will get the shape as shown at the next figure. Select question, push mouse left button while its pointer is on the button of the list, and drag question up or down. Repeat this procedure with another questions if needed, and push button Save when done.


To make questioning more comfortable, some BCMA versions could automatically speak each question, if appropriate text-to-speech engine installed on the current computer. However, even English pronunciation quite robotics. In addition, donor can loose attention while answering question, because of quite funny animation. 


Voice Recorder

BCMA provides a tool to help create sound files on demand. Questions that does not have sound files bound to it, has a red colored picture of speaker. Otherwise - green. Navigate mouse pointer to the picture of speaker and click left button.


The Sound Recorder pops-up. To save room on the screen you may drag it to the main menu area, to be available as regular toolbar.


Nevertheless, by default the Sound Recorder appears in a separate window, where you can see the text to speak out. It helps to avoid mistakes, while choosing question to record.

Blood Center software - Donor Questionnaire Audio Recorder

As you see at this picture, speaker has red color, which means sound file does not exist – so, just one button Record present in its control bar. Push it and speak question text into the microphone. Image on the button will change to Stop Recording. Push it when done.

NOTE: BCMA limits the length of the sound file to about 30 seconds, and you will see the red timer bar at the bottom of Recorder window, while speaking.

Speaker image near the chosen question will get green color, and in the window of Sound Recorder three buttons appears - Record, Play and Delete. Therefore, you may play sound, record it again or delete, if needed.