Help Designer to support Blood Center Staff and Donors - Screenshot


Sometimes, video clip is the friendliest way to get Help. BCMA does not provide own means to create movie and you have to use side software. This dialog goal is to support you with organizing of Video Help files. First, create directory ‘..\BCMA\DATA\HELP’ on the Main Server and copy there your movie(s). The movie file must have prefix of 'AH' in the name and extension 'avi'.

Now you can start the design of Help (see figure below). Push button 'Staff support' or 'Donors support' depending on auditorium, the video destined for. Push button New and enter Subset and Theme name. If you want to add the Theme to already present Subset - just enter new Theme name under selected Subset. Push button Open Folder to open directory ‘..\BCMA\DATA\HELP’ and select the movie file to be bound to the Theme. Add brief comment if needed and push button Save.

To modify the name of Subset and/or Theme, bind another movie or change its description, push button Edit. Notice the next picture, which displays Staff Support Help theme design. As you see, it is possible to define group of people to whom the chosen movie designed, according to them Level of Access (professional duties). For example, employee who is working in the Unit Processing Room, probably does not needs to know the paperwork management rules and BCMA functions, prescribed to front desk staff.

Select Staff Group


If content of Subset list includes more then one Theme, you cannot delete it at one attempt. Remove Themes one by one. Deleting of the last Theme in the Subset will remove also the Subset.

In contrast with activating of regular Help on demand by button F1, to run video Help press button F10. If case of stand-alone self-questioning computer station, any movie intended for Staff Support, unavailable to view, as next figure shows.


However, both type of Help information available on regular computer station (see next figure). All Donors Support themes available to any staff category by definition. On the other hand, a content of the lists Subset and Theme will depend on current BCMA user’s Level of Access.