Blood Center Manager Assistant software brief introduction - big

Operating System: Windows XP and higher
Programming language: Visual FoxPro
Name: Blood Center Manager Assistant
USA © 2001 Alexander V. Prokofiev TX 5-594-316

Note:  watch extended videos in the article 'Principles of Blood Center Computerizing'
          compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

Donor service begins at the Front Desk, where BCMA registering donor, taking color picture using portable video camera and verifying donation possibility. Additionally, bar-coded Donor ID card with a photo can be printed at the Registry. Donor can’t proceed if current visit out of schedule or he/she is present in National Donors Deferral Register (NDDR). If registered OK – Screening or Self Questioning Station might be the next for donor to go. BCMA does not limit the sequence of mentioned above Stations visiting, but Bleed# can’t be assigned if steps mentioned above skipped. On the other hand, some Programs of Product Collection might not have assigned Questionnaire. If some Screening or Self Questioning results needed additional attention – donor will be referred automatically to Quality Control (QC) to make decision if donation is possible. QC will get an appropriate messages and all donor history, including current day Questioning Trace available. If donor can proceed – the Bleed# Assignment Station will be next. BCMA does not generate Bleed# Labels, which must be delivered from control organization, such as Ministry of Health. Bleed# Assignment Station is intended to scan Label bar code and check if it is in accordance with current donor Program, in the prescribed range and in sequence. Additionally, BCMA checks if the same Bleed# already issued by the Center in past and out of its repeat period. After donation is finished, donor may go to the Fee Station to get paid. Payment possible even if donation did not occur but donor registered today. In such case, BCMA presents an appropriate warning message. Product and Samples Processing is the last procedure to be done in the current day. Additional bar-coded Unit ID Label might be printed there. Later, you may divide drawn Unit and/or edit root Unit or any Subdivision, send it to the customers and provide other common activity with BCMA support.

NDDR Web-server

BCMA includes features to provide automatic information exchange with NDDR WEB-server. Call the dialog of NDDR data exchange and the latest updates will be automatically downloaded from the WEB-server to the local Center's database. In case, you have donors confirmed for permanent or temporary deferral, NDDR WEB-server database will be automatically uploaded with that information from your Blood Center. Such approach of storing the copy of NDDR WEB-server data on your local server provides most fast and protected way to access the information, needed while donor registration and searching against NDDR. All you have to do to be up to the date, just run NDDR data exchange dialog once a day. Your copy of WEB-server NDDR data organized in the completely safety way, which exclude any possibilities to reach native human-readable information stored there.

In addition to regular context dependable Help on demand document, which you access by F1, BCMA may help you to create a very friendly Help System to provide different groups of staff with intended to them videos about donor service or product processing rules by your definition. Such Help will be available by pressing F10 button.





Quality Control (QC)


Unit processing


Manager (total number of computers):

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NOTE: previous software BCM(CS) intended to support the same architecture, but additional computer was installed in the the Donation area to provide staff with Soft Goods control, applied to each donation. By my opinion it is very valuable feature, which takes just about 5-7 seconds to perform. But after 1 month of active use in real production a management of establishment refused it. That was a reason of my wrong decision to skip it development for BCMA.