BCMA provides common Windows operating system technique and here you'll find a brief explanation of some basic pictograms and control elements in use. BCMA usually does not provide its control buttons with a text and uses pictograms instead. To get a button purpose explanation, move mouse pointer above the button needed and its tip will be shown.

Action Buttons

Next pictograms presents the action initiating buttons. Usually such buttons located at the left bottom corner of the dialog screen.

  image278  add New record
 image279 Edit current record
 image280 Delete current record
 image281 Find record or Select records
 image282 Open Folder
 image283 View report (print will be available in the preview dialog)
 image284 direct Print of special label
 image285 Divide Unit
 image286 Show Previous record
 image287 Show Next record
 image288 Show First record
 image289 Show Last record

Confirmation Buttons

The actions of record adding or modifying have to be confirmed to get permanent status. Usually Confirmation Buttons located at the right bottom corner of the dialog screen. Next pictograms related to such buttons.

 image290 Save changes
 image291 Cancel changes
 image292 Confirm BCMA generated message (or Save changes in some cases)
 image293 Close current dialog screen

Data Input Controls

Most user interface elements are quite understandable and here described just few controls, which has limitations in some cases or specific rules of use.

Combo Box

image294  BCMA designed in the way to minimize user typing and usually this control intended only for data selection. Click on the Down Arrow or push ALT+Down Arrow buttons to open the list as shown at the figure. Type few first letters of the name you want to find in the list and most close name will be highlighted. Scroll the list to select exactly what you need and push button Enter to confirm your choice. It is common technique of this control use if data you are searching already present in the list.
 image295 But sometimes you will need to add or modify the list content. It might be possible for some such controls depend on current dialog if it is in the Editing mode, activated by button New or Edit. To do this, push button Home to move pointer to the very left position of the control's Text Box part and push buttons SHIFT+END to highlight the name currently present there.

Type new name you want to add (or edit current) and push button Enter. You'll be asked to confirm new name or its modification when dialog's button Save pushed. In most cases BCMA automatically modifying your data to the string where first letters of the words will be present in the  uppercase.

Edit Box


Usually, this control will be present for you to leave a brief comment as shown at the figure. With the aim to decrease database volume, BCMA limiting the number of symbols you may enter in the Edit Box to 254, which is quite enough for such purpose. On the other hand, some dialogs, like Donor Notification Letters, does not limiting this control content.

Date Input text box

image298  If you need to enter or modify date in the some dialogs, move mouse pointer above the appropriate field to get a tip how it can be done.

In the all cases you may press mouse right button to call Calendar, while its pointer over the date input field. Select date needed and push button Ok.

 image300 In some cases, you may type date directly in the prescribed format, as shown in the tip above. The format MDY means Month - Day - Year, where each value must be separated by comma.

NOTE: in the both last cases, the date in the input field will be transformed automatically to the most readable format like, for example, 9 March 1954.