NOTE: Explained here NDDR Web-server extension to BCMA developed in 2004, but was not implemented in real life. That time and probably in current  (March 2015) such service was not available in my country. Definitely, a developers now have a great frameworks to make it attractive, but hope some ideas still might be helpful.

  • Intended to collect information about indefinitely (permanently) and temporary deferred donors
  • Storing some donor's private information (Last and First name, SS# or Passport#), but in any case it can not be decrypted
  • Database does not storing information about donor's address (street, apt., ZIP code, etc.). In special cases, such data can be only requested from the Primary Source of Information (for example, Blood Center, where donor  registered at the moment of deferral)
  • Additionally database storing the next information:

- Unique Donor's NDDR# and date when registered in the NDDR database
- Blood Center name, where donor registered and unique Donor# there
- Donor's State, County, City, birthday, sex
- Type of deferral: indefinitely or temporary (with assigned expiration date)
- Reason of deferral (SPE, HIV, etc.)

Clients (users)

Three types of Clients with the next possibilities:

  • query, only (Hospitals, Dental and other facilities, which does not collecting blood products)
  • query and manual update (small Blood Centers, which does not have BCMA)
  • query and automatic update and download (productive Blood Centers where BCMA installed)