National Donors Deferral Register WEB-server - Screenshot


NDDR office location

This option intended to support Clients in case they need to get access via phone, Fax, Email or regular mail.

Service fee definitions

This option intended to describe general membership payments. Four groups defined:

  • Free of Charge
  • Regular
  • Privilege
  • Bonus pack



Deferral defininions

This option intended to describe standard names of primary reason of donor reject. In case of Manual NDDR update, Client selects the reason of deferral from the list. In case of Automatic NDDR update, WEB-server compares this list with Client’s BCMA software definitions and refuse update if difference - rules must be identical.



Site administrators

This option intended to assign appropriate privileges to the site administrator:

  • Clients
  • Donors
  • Site Administrators
  • Main Properties
  • Confirm City (donor geographic location)


Present Site Administrators can be searched by Name or Accessible Controls:


The Privileges of found Site Administrators can be modified, if available for current administrator:




Client registration moderated by WEB-server administration accordingly to signed agreement.

Clients separated by:
        - State
        - Private
        - Mixed
        - Manual check
        - Manual update
        - Automatic upload & download
    Service Fee:
        - Free of charge
        - Regular
        - Privilege
        - Bonus pack


Any registered Client may get access via regular browser.


The next video displays login screen in action:

If your browser does not support playback of that file, you can download it in regular MPEG-4 format

Clients can be searched by:

  • Facility name
  • Facility# by the national register
  • Ministry Of Health License#
  • Phone#


Or selected by combinations of:

  • State
  • County
  • City
  • Status
  • Possibilities
  • Service Fee
  • Service status


Administrator can edit Client’s information or delete its record, if available by his privileges.



Clients who has BCMA installed, can automatically  update and download NDDR from/to their interior database. Downloaded from the WEB-server information is human unreadable and can not be reversed to get real data in any way.


An appropriate WEB-server administrators and Clients with privileges of Manual and Automatic NDDR update can manually add information about new deferred donors. In such case they are acting as Primary Source of information (PSI).

NOTE:Only PSI can modify or delete own NDDR records. Therefore, even Site Administrator can’t remove record inserted by other source.


Person can be searched against NDDR database by Last Name, First Name, Birthday and/or SS# or Passport#. Appropriate WEB-server administrators and Clients with privilege of Manual or Automatic NDDR update will have possibility to add new information:


Clients with privilege of Manual Check has search possibility, only:


An appropriate WEB-server administrators and Clients with privilege of Manual or Automatic NDDR update has possibility to select group of donors by different combination of parameters.


Found information can be modified or deleted, if current Client is Primary Source of selected record.



Confirm City

Client’s staff can make a mistake in the names of deferred donor's State, County or City. In case new name inserted into NDDR database, the option Confirm City appears.


An appropriate WEB-server administrator can Confirm or automatically notify Client’s facility via Email in case of error. Error must be corrected by Client, only. This is because Client must check and correct its interior database (if BCMA in use) and donor's folder.