Descriptor of Blood Establishment Partners - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

You can use this feature as usual reference about Center's contacts. However, take into account that some actions of BCMA directly depends on the Partner’s part of job in cooperation. The figure above displays an example list of Partners, selected by 'Equipment/Soft Goods manufacturing' duty.

NOTE: pick 'Does not matter (all Partners)' in the list to view all Partners

At the tab Details, you may add information about new Partner or modify data of already present. The next figure displays example content of tab Details for selected Partner:

Blood Center software - Partners Descriptor

NOTE: BCMA will show just button New in this tab if no records found by request, chosen in the tab List. Notice, you cannot delete already saved Partner’s data.

Press right button of mouse while its pointer is over the lists of Country, State, City (area ADDRESS) or Title (area CONTACTS) to get menu for adding or editing of its content:


Mark at least one checkbox in the list of DUTIES, most of which intended just to help you organize information. However, BCMA takes into account next of them in some other dialogs:

  • Product Exchange – the dialogs of Lot Definition, Product Shipping and Product Receiving operates with only Partners, which have this duty.
  • Testing of Blood Products – the dialog Samples operates with only Partners, which have this duty.