Blood Donor information exchange


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

As you can see, the latest version of software doing all job automatically and has very simple user interface. But probably it will be interesting to you to read first about prevous attempts to its realization.

Via E-mail

NOTE: this method of data exchange needs too much user’s attention, quite complex from the point of view of its realization and unreliable in general, because of its nature. To support this feature, I developed special E-mail agent with encryption by Blowfish algorithm, but decided to remove it from the project lately. This section added just to show a possible attempt of such functionality achievement.


To make this feature available, at least one appropriate Partner must be marked as supporting E-mail messages automatic exchange:


The next figure displays an example of dialog after exchange done:

Blood Center software - Information Exchange via E-mail messages

BCMA performs automatic E-mail exchange in the next sequence:

  • Connect to Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • E-mail messages receive. BCMA processes just messages, formatted and encrypted in a special way. Partners must use BCMA features Notifications, Donors Query and Product Query to prepare E-mail messages. Otherwise, message defined as corrupted, even received from known Partner. Set mark in the checkbox 'Delete messages from unknown senders' to remove such messages automatically.
  • Disconnect from ISP. BCMA disconnects automatically to reduce online period.
  • Processing of messages received. At this step, BCMA performs deep check of format of each message and updates interior copy of National Donor Deferral Register (NDDR), if message includes such information. See Received Messages Log and Statistics concerning received E-mail. If no outgoing messages must be prepared, BCMA closes current procedure of E-mail exchange.
  • Preparation messages for Partners. BCMA verifying if given facility has new information about deferred donors, Notifications or Queries to send to assigned destination. Additionally, it prepares outgoing messages if query concerning own Donors or Product received, or some Partner asks to send DDR list of the given Center for synchronization. BCMA creates the set of broadcast and/or personal messages for each Partner, taking into account its definitions. See Sent Messages Log and Statistics dialogs concerning it.
  • Own messages encryption and transmit. At this step, BCMA prepares final messages and sends them off.

The next figure displays another example, where some received message skipped while E-mail processing:


Messages (History and New)

Received Messages Log

User may get detail information about any message received, as shown at the figure below. To get the list of all messages, select SENDER All. In case needs of messages from some particular Partner, choose the option SENDER Selected and pick Partner in the list. The identifiers of messages received from that Partner will be present in the list IDENTIFICATOR. Partner may assign yours Center as a receiver of its NDDR updates, so you can review received NDDR updates as shown at the figure.

Notice the list 'Status and Last Name', where each row begins with the letter 'A' or 'D', which means:

  • 'A' – donor’s record must be added to the receiver's DDR
  • 'D' - donor’s record must be removed from the receiver's DDR

In this example, the first two rows in the list mention the same donor, but with a different action to apply. It is because Partner's BCMA software sending you a donor’s history of deferral, up to the moment of E-mail message prepared. Therefore, finally donor Lincoln will be removed from the NDDR in yours database, after this message processed. See Email Notifications, Donors Queries and Product Queries concerning other information, which may be present in the field Notifications.



BCMA saves information about each session of E-mail exchange for further review. In the next example figure, you may see data sent out from the given Center to the Partners at the date chosen:

Notifications   1
Donor Queries   2
Product Queries   1
DDR Update records   3


BCMA creates outgoing messages depending on Partner's definitions and content of messages, received from them. As you see, 1 broadcast and 1 personal message created for different receivers.


BCMA does not process and automatically deletes messages, intended to another facility, even if received from facility, which is in the list of E-mail exchange Partners:


You may create different archives, for example, to separate monthly data. Specify the period of sessions you want to move to the archive by the spinner field 'all older' and push button Move to Archive. If current archive not specified yet by Archive, Sent Messages Log or Received Messages Log, BCMA prompts you to pick the existent archive directory or directory where new archive to create. Since confirmed, it will be a Current Archive each time the dialog of E-mail Exchange opens.


If current archive already specified, BCMA asks confirmation to continue with the same archive:


Run dialog Archive to review logs, moved there.

Our (current facility outgoing messages)


This dialog intended to create request to the Partner(s) about some kind of donors they have. Next figure shows an example of Personal request to ‘Delta Therapeutic’ about Active donors, currently on Program ‘Whole Blood (special #3)’ and have ABO GroupB Rh Negative’.


Next is an example of Broadcast query about donors, Deferred Indefinitely:



This dialog intended to create a request to the Partner(s) about some kind of Product they have. Similar to the Donors Query described above, it may be Broadcast or Personal request, concerned to certain Program.


You can review and Edit or Delete any of such queries later:



Sometimes you may need to notify Partners about some specific actions, which does not need automatic processing on the receiver side. You may use this dialog to create such messages.


You can review and Edit or Delete any of such queries later:


Sent Messages Log

This dialog intended to show detail information about any message, sent out from the given Center. You may review Statistics dialog to identify who and when sent any message. Select Broadcast or PersonalMESSAGE TYPE to get the list of identifiers of messages. BCMA may display a content of the message in different ways, depending on Partner’s duty definition. The next figure presents an example of Broadcast message to the Partners, which agreed to receive NDDR updates for automatic processing. See Notifications, Donors Queries and Product Queries concerning other information may be included.


Notice the next figure concerning information sent to 'Delta Therapeutic', which refused receiving of NDDR updates, intended for automatic processing, but agreed to get it in plain text:


If Partner requested Look Back information about some Unit, it will be included automatically into the field of NOTIFICATION. The next figure shows such data example extracted from the Archive of Sent messages:



The Sent Messages Log, Received Messages Log and Statistics dialogs support moving of appropriate information to the Archive. This dialog intended for its review. Push button Open Folder and select archive:


The figure below displays example of Sent Messages. You see that tab Received Messages disabled to select, because current archive does not include information about such messages:


Via WEB-server

Comparing to E-mail, this way of data exchange does not need user’s attention. All you have to do is just push button Start, shown at the next figure. If information required connecting to the Internet NDDR WEB-server is present, BCMA will make the rest job automatically.


Software performs the next actions:

  • Connecting to Internet NDDR WEB-server
  • Updating WEB-server with own confirmed information about deferred and/or restored donors
  • Verifying if WEB-server database has new data from Partners since last session and downloading new records
  • Validating received information and updating own interior database if Ok
  • Disconnecting from Internet NDDR WEB-server

Blood Center software - Automatic Data Exchange with National Donor Deferral Register

The next video demonstrating download of NDDR Master List (about 45.000 records) to the quite slow notebook computer. Certainly, following daily updates will be shorter.

If your browser does not support playback of that file, you can download it in regular MPEG-4 format

 NOTE: current BCMA version supports NDDR information exchange, only