Lot definition of Blood Products collected - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

This dialog intended to organize the process of product packing, storing and shipping. High-level management uses this dialog to describe Lots. At the later time, BCMA takes into account these definitions while staff will separate product to the different Lots.

To create Lot definition, click button New. The next figure displays an example of Lot definition for Units, collected in the given facility according to the rules of Program 'ANTI-D' and drawn from the donors with ABO Group 'A Rh Positive'. You have to assign a unique name to the new Lot, which is 'ANTI D 14001' in current example. In addition, Shipping Container capacity of 15 Units (max up to 999 Units) and its Storing Place ‘Walk in Freezer’, defined in the PACKING LIMITATIONS area. You may leave blank the checkbox Test Results must be. In that case, BCMA allows binding to it Units, which have any status of Test Result (including 'Untested'). As you can see, the checkbox Test Results must be marked and 'Ok' chosen, which means the only tested Ok Units allowed to bind. Pay attention to the checkbox Packing permitted. If it is marked, current Lot will be present in the dialog Lot Packing. You may deny or permit packing any time. PACKING SLIP SPECIALITY area intended to enter information to print in the Header and Footer of a Packing Slips. In addition, you may type in the field NOTE a brief description of the Lot.

Select Units by Program of Product Collection

The next figure reflects an example of Lot descriptor for product, collected in the given facility from Donor 7474 when he was on Program 'High Risk for IVD or Research':


You may define PRODUCT SELECTION CRITERIA as Manufactured by ‘Any other’. In this case, any product received from the Partners may be bound to the LOT, except manufactured by given Center.

Select Product by Manufacturer

Compare with the next figure, where LOT must include a product received from 'Alpha Therapeutics Corp', which is collected by Program 'WHOLE BLOOD' from the donors with ABO Group 'B Rh Positive'. Product bound to this LOT intended to the donors 6233, 7797. Such information can be quite valuable in the dialogs Transfusion or Injection. Notice that checkbox 'Donor(s)' hidden in this case, because sender of the product may not provide current facility with that sort of information.


NOTE: BCMA limits the number of 'Donor(s)' and 'Intended Recipient(s)' in the appropriate fields up to 24

Select Units by Test Results

The next figure presents an example of Lot definition, where Units with Selected Out of Limit Test Results has to be bound. You may select Any Out of Limit Test Results if no preferences, or mark just some Test Names as shown below:


After Lot description saved, you may select and edit its definition.


NOTE: you cannot delete Lot definition. However, you can deactivate it by clearing the checkbox Packing permitted