Blood Product Lot Packing Dialogue - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

If at least one Lot defined and allowed to pack, you may open this dialog and create a task to Storage staff. Notice that you do not have to know the product selection criteria. All you need is just to specify a BLEED DATES PERIOD, which possible combinations are the next:

Field from Field to Units to be selected
Blank Blank All
Defined Blank From defined to the current date
Blank Defined All up to defined date
Defined Defined Between dates defined

A content and order of items in the list on the right under the title ORDER BY defines current order criteria in the table of SELECTION RESULT. If you want to order the result records, for example, by Bleed# - click twice on its row in the list on the left. BCMA will move Bleed# to the list on the right. Click twice on the name in the list on the right to move it back.


The next figure presents an example of query result, where complex order of SELECTION RESULT by Program, Donor# and Bleed date defined. Please, notice that each order descriptor has a prefix of left (<) or right (>) arrow, which specifies an order direction. Choose Ascending or Descending while selecting needed item in the list on the right. Therefore, in the figure below the order of query result defined as ascending by Program, Donor# and descending by Bleed date.

In addition, you can change a sequence of the items in the list. For example, instead of Program, Donor# and Bleed date you want Bleed date, Program, Donor#. To do that, press mouse left button while its pointer is over a grey button of the item needed, and drag it up or down in the list.

Click button Find to apply PRODUCT SELECTION AND VIEW CRITERIUM. All appropriate unpacked Units will be present in the selection result, as shown in the next figure. As you can see, if Unit has 'Out of Limit' Test Result, its Label highlighted with Yellow color:


Click button New to begin order of product packing definition. The field Containers getting its number automatically and BCMA disables access to the elements, intended to describe a query.


NOTE: BCMA automatically assigns the next number for each new container in the current Lot. You may change it manually - for example, instead of 25 enter 25A or 3. However, BCMA will not accept your number, if Container with the same number still present in the Center.

Container Descriptor

Click checkbox (or press Space Bar) on appropriate Unit in that list of SELECTION RESULT to move it to the list of Container descriptor. Container can hold just quantity of Units, as predefined in the Lot descriptor and BCMA warns if you trying to add extra:

Blood Center software - Product Lot Packing

Click button Save when done. Please, compare previous and next figures concerning UNIT DESCRIPTION area. When you scrolling the content of packed Container, it shows PACKED unit description. However, the description of SELECTED unit will be shown, if you scrolling the list of SELECTION RESULT.


The next figure shows editing of Units sequence in the Container. Press left button of the mouse while its pointer is over the grey button in list of Container descriptor and drag chosen Unit up or down.


Therefore, using technique described above you may select Lot and Container needed to modify its content.


Sometimes, may happen that some already packed Unit got 'Out of Limit' Test Result. To remove it from the Container, double click left button of the mouse while its pointer is over in the list:


Print the Pick Lists for Storage staff to order real replacement of Units accordingly to your definitions.