Receiving of Blood and Plasma Products from Partners Dialogue - Screenshot


Use this dialog to register product, obtained from the associate facilities. Please note, that the list of Sender includes only Partners that support obligations ‘Product Exchange’. Select a suitable Program, and the Unit descriptor at the bottom part will be filled automatically. Enter Unit#, its subdivision level and other information in the frame BLOOD COMPONENT.

NOTE: BCMA does not provide user with the fields of Donor# in the sending institution and Unit’s Bleed Date, because this information is not normally available

Thus, because Unit# in the facility-sender may not be defined as unique for all times, you must be very attentive with this dialog. In fact, it is no way to protect staff from mistakes completely, because lack of information about Unit’s root (or child). For example, you cannot add information about the another Unit obtained from the same facility, which has same Unit#, Subdivision Level, Subdivision Level # and Expiration Date and Time. However, any difference makes it possible.

In case of mistake, you can use dialog Product Descriptor Editing.