Support of Blood Products Shipping - Container Select Dialogue Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

This dialog intended to provide user with information, needed to define shipment of already packed Containers. To create shipment descriptor, select tab DETAILS and click button New. Enter the Invoice#, select shipment Receiver and mark Containers from the Lots you planning to send. BCMA presents the names of Lots, which has packed containers in stock. Select Lot to review the list of available Containers. Scroll the list of CONTAINER CONTENT to check a detail description of any Unit in it. BCMA highlighting Units, which has ‘Out of Limit’ test result to get your attention (see figure above).

Push button Save. The next figure presents an example of saved shipment definition.


Receiver Assigning

The list of Receivers includes Partners, which duty is Product Exchange, only:


When the cargo is ready to be shipped, you must confirm it in the database. To do this, select ‘Sent out’ in the list of states, and the field to input Shipment Date will appear on the right of it. Hover mouse over it and right-click it to bring up the Calendar to choose the date:


Click the tab ‘LIST’ to access information about any Shipment:


Choose Shipment Status by wish. The list will be sorted by Dates in descending order if Shipment Status 'Sent Out' selected:


Shipment Return

In the rare event, the Center may need to confirm the return of already shipped cargo. In this case, BCMA requires confirmation, as shown in the following figure:


If you accept, you can change its status to ‘Packing in progress’ and clear or set the check boxes next to the desired containers in the list. As you can see in the following example, BCMA gives possibility to add Container #1 of the lot Reactive, because shipment has status of Packing in Progress:


The next figure shows an example of shipment #017-2012 after final modification, where the only one lot left:


Use Lot Packing dialog to repack returned Units if needed.