Blood Unit test results


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

This dialog intended to update BCMA database with information about product testing results received from the Lab(s).

NOTE: you can apply this dialog to the Units collected in current facility, only. Use Description Editing dialog for Units received from other facility.

First, you have to find Units requisite. The figure above  displays an example of query about all untested Units, collected 27 Dec 2011. Compare with the next figure, where Units, drawn by Program “Anti-HBs” requested. Pay attention to the list, opened at the right side to select different status of Units Test Results. As you can see, in addition to all predefined Test Names , the statuses of 'Any', 'Ok' and 'Absent' available.


The next figure presents request definition when Test Result does not matter. Please, pay attention that the fields of Bleed# and Donor# enabled. You may type specific Bleed# directly or select all Units, drawn from some donor. If bleed date adjustment needed, move mouse pointer above the enabled fields Bleed Date or Period, and press its right button to call Calendar.


The figure below displays query result - button Select disabled and button Edit present.

NOTE: any change in the definition of request will remove the list of already selected Units and button Edit from the window. Button Select will be available again to perform new select.


To begin Test Results input, click button Edit:

Blood Center software - Product Test Results input

You may scroll the list and select an appropriate Test Result for each Unit or leave it blank, which means Untested yet. Blank (“Untested”) and “Ok” choices of Test Result remain available in the list anyway. Nevertheless, you may select other result from the list of predefined. As you see, all Test Names present in the list, but some of them might be inaccessible (colored in Light Grey). Available to choose Test Names has solid Black color. If Unit has “Out of Limit” results by several different tests, staff must choose result from the list, which has most long period of donor deferral and product look back.

NOTE: If Unit has “Out of Limit” results by several different tests, staff must choose a result from the list, which has longest period of donor deferral and product look back. Only the Test Names bound to the Program by which given Unit drawn, available to select. If any of such Test Result applied, BCMA defines Unit as 'Out of Limit' by Test Name picked up. Such results will be marked as 'Waiting for Test Result confirmation'.

Usually, most Units have to be marked as “Ok”, and procedure described above can be tiring, especially if few hundreds of rows in the list. To speed it up, you may use the next technique:

  • Push button Mark all Units
  • Scroll the list and remove mark from the Units, which has any “Out of Limit” test result or Untested.
  • Select Ok from the list “Apply Test result
  • Push button Ok
  • Push button Unmark all Units (to avoid group operation to be applied for this Units if other will be marked further)
  • Select one by one the Units, which has “Out of Limit” test results and make assignment, as described above
  • After all done, push button Save

NOTE: even if Unit has subdivisions, the only main level root Unit will be present in the list


Figure above shows the situation, when some Unit has “Out of Limit” test result. In such case BCMA warning user and asks confirmation.

NOTE: BCMA employs 2-step confirmation procedure of donor or product reject. Therefore, donor cannot donate right up to the moment of second confirmation. The next figure presents BCMA response if staff trying to allow donation while final confirmation still absent.


As you can see in the next figure, even QC cannot permit donation in such case. Confirm “Out of limit” test result, or mark Unit as “Ok” or “Untested” (blank) to proceed with donor.


In addition, the dialog “Test Results Input” gives an opportunity to fill in Donor's ABO Group. Click the tab DONORS (ABO Group) and make selection. To avoid staff mistakes, BCMA does not allow group operations in this case. Staff must assign ABO Group for each Donor or Bleed# individually. QC Station is the only one additional place to set ABO Group (see figure above).


At the figure below, you can see that BCMA highlighting Bleed Numbers, for which QC requested Test Result Details. Detail information about tests requested and its results becomes available when you navigating to its row in the list.

Here are the color legends depending on status of Test Result:

  • Still absent
  • Present, but QC did not read it
  • QC read it

Therefore, we see that extended Test Results of Bleed# RP7325177 entered, and QC already read it:


Initially, the names of tests already present in the field, written each at the own row (like in this example - ALT: at the first row, and SPE: at the next). If user occasionally erased this data while editing, he can move mouse pointer above the field to get a tip of what data QC requested (see figure above). Any time this field modified, its Bleed# getting status ‘Present, but QC did not read it‘, again. Therefore, QC is always up to date with the latest information about such Units.


This dialog available only if some Unit(s) Test Result marked as 'Out of Limit' and waiting for confirmation. Otherwise, BCMA refuses its activating and pops up an appropriate message. As you can see in the next example, the top list contains three donors and descriptions of them donations, which found reactive by Testing Lab. The bottom list includes all Units (and Subdivisions), collected from the donor currently selected.

The color legend of bottom list is:

  • Root Unit and all Subunits of donation, defined as reactive
  • Previous Units, donated in the prescribed period of Look Back
  • Previous Units, donated earlier of prescribed period of Look Back
  • All next Units, donated after which was found reactive


Initially, no one Unit marked in the bottom list and you may select required one-by-one manually. Nevertheless, BCMA provides button Confirm by the rule intended to mark all required records by one click. If any Unit in the bottom list already marked, an appropriate line in the top list changes its color to Green (compare with next figure). This helps you to control where Units check already done, if more than one donor present in this list.

NOTE: if some Units in the list are Transfused, Injected or Sent Out, BCMA defines them Location as Unavailable. Use Donor Report dialog to get detail information of such Units concrete location.

Blood Center software - Product Test Results Automatic Processing

Push button Save after all or some information confirmed.

If some donor(s) got status of temporary or indefinitely deferral, those records will have appropriate mark in the BCMA interior database. In addition, BCMA automatically updating Internet WEB-server database while the next session of National Donor Deferral Register (NDDR) information exchange.