Blood Center Activity reports selector - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

Productivity of the Blood Center depends on various internal and external influences and its management needs a tool to control and analyze its work. This dialog intended to review activity of the facility concerning Donations, Product drawn, Fee paid and Incidents. The figure below displays five examples of query definitions.

User can get total information (All), concerning just In House or Mobile Groups for defined Month, Year or Period of years. PROGRAM of product collection can be additionally specified for the query about Donations or Product. In House and Mob. Groups parameters becomes inaccessible if information about Fee or Incidents needed.

In the query about Product, you can define additional parameter of its TEST RESULTS. The options Days of week, Weeks and Months intended to help analyzing of information from different points of view. For example, select option Weeks if you want to investigate specified activity by weeks. In that case, an appropriate for your facility 1-st day of week might be needed to adjust.

Reports concerning Donation, Product and Fee have outputs as Chart, only (Bar or Line). Information about Incidents can be additionally shown in Detail way.

Push button View log to get report.

Statistics Report Examples

The next figures display some examples of Statistics reports:


NOTE: as you can see, the header of each page completely describes the query definition