Donor Deferral Tracking Report in the Blood Center - Screenshot


BCMA stores all information about changes of donor’s status done manually by QC, or automatically by software, while out of limit Test Result confirmation. This dialog intended to help user to review and print out such information. The figure above displays defer tracking example of donor, rejected by the Test Result Confirmation dialog 18 January 2012 at 12:26.

As you can see, it is one name in the list of DONORS so, just one donor confirmed at that moment. Donor, selected in the list was deferred INDEFINITELY. Test result Anti-HIV-1/2 confirmed by Prokofiev A.V. In the list of UNITS we see Bleed Numbers and Dates it was drawn, which must to be culled out from the stock by the rules of “look back”. The “root unit”, which was a reason of deferral (got out of limits test result) marked with symbol “*”.

Please, compare with the next artificial example, where four Units have to be removed from the stock, and one of them drawn after the “root unit”:


In most cases, further service of indefinitely deferred donors denied. However, in some rare specific cases, QC may allow it. Therefore, in general this dialog supports staff with information about donor’s status changes, but not only the history of deferral.

At the next figure, we see that donor, who is currently in DDR list, serviced 14 February 2012. Service allowed by Prokofiev A.V. and explained in the field DESCRIPTION:


Donor Report Example

The next are reports concerning examples, indicated above: