Donors Reports support in the Blood Center - Screenshot


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager'

This dialog gives you the ability to create a quite complex query about donors and to print out its result in a different ways. You can apply any query to all donors, or just to the bound to some chosen Program. At the second case, click option Current Program to get the list of Programs defined in the given facility, as shown at the figure left.

NOTE: BCMA in this dialog provides information about donors registered by given facility, only. DDR information unavailable to review, but certainly it is taken into account while donor registration.

Therefore, the next figure describes query about donors, registered by given facility and participating in any Program.


In case if Allowed donors selected, the checkbox ABO group becomes visible. If it is marked, the list of ABO groups gets available to choose. Option Defer confirmation needed gives you a possibility to select donors, whom product has out of limit Test Results, but still waiting confirmation. If you need to select donors whom ID was modified while any registration, click option ID changed. Click option By Last Name to get visible the field to input donor’s last name. The next figure displays example of query, where it begins with letters 'St'.


Select option Incidents occurred if you want to get the list of donors, who had any or some predefined type incidents.


Click Got transfusion of Product if the list of such donors needed. Click option By Program to include additional definition of donors who got transfusions of Product, which corresponds to specified Program.


To get the list of donors, who got transfusions of Product collected from specified donor, set mark in the checkbox from and click option Donor. The field to input donor BCMA# becomes visible:


You may select donors who got transfusions of Product, which given facility received from specified Partner. Click option Partner and the list of Partners with duty of Product Exchange will be shown.


NOTE: use the same technique to define query if you need to get the list of donors, who Got injection of Product.

Choose option Currently deferred to select donors with this status. The next figure presents an example of query result. Current order of the records in the list highlighted in red and can be changed by click on the header Donor# or Name.

Blood Center software - Donors Report

Here is a color legend of rows, depending on donor status:

  • Active donor (no restrictions)
  • Donor remains active byTest Results, but someUnit(s) removed
  • Donor deferred indefinitely by Test Result
  • Donor deferred temporary by Test Result
  • Donor deferred temporary by QC
  • Donor deferred temporary (by Test Result or QC), but period of deferral expired
  • Donor deferred by Test Result (temporary or indefinitely), but allowed to be serviced once by QC at the last visit

NOTE: a rows gets an appropriate color in the any query result, explained above (not only Currently deferred ).

In some cases (for example, preparing of Remainder Letters), you may need to narrow the list of query result to view just donors, inactive while specified period. The following figure is an example of such possibility:


The checkbox Show Photo available for Summary type of report and any query type, except of ID changed. The checkbox Show Inactive appears for any TYPE OF REPORT, and the next types of query:

  • Allowed
  • Incident occurred
  • Got Injection of Product
  • Got Transfusion of Product

For example, you have to generate a Reminder Letters for some donors from the list of already selected. Mark checkbox Show Inactive, adjust period of donor inactivity and click button Filter. The only donors, inactive since (Possible Next Visit Date + Assigned Period of Inactivity) will be present.


The next figure shows the action result:


NOTE: button Filter becomes visible again when period of inactivity modified. To get back to the previous selection result (before filtering), you do not need to call same query again. Just remove mark from the checkbox Show Inactive

All above were about query definition, but before printing we must additionally choose the TYPE OF REPORT.

The Summary, Notification letter, Reminder letter and Reminder label reports does not have any sub-selections. However, in case of Detail report you may define the type of report deeper, as shown at the next figure:


Mark donors in the list, for which you want to get report and push button Make Report. Next figures present examples of reports.

Deferred donors (summary report)


Allowed donors on specified Program (detail report)


Specified product Injection to donors on specified Program (detail)


Screening (detail)


History of deferral (detail)


Confirmed Default Messages (detail)


Donor Notification (or Reminder) Letter

You do not need to print additional labels in case a standard envelop with window available.


Reminder letter labels

Print this labels if do not have standard envelop with window (use AVERY #5260).