BCMA - Blood Product Report


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

This dialog intended to get different information about Product, registered in the facility. First, you have to define a query. The figure above displays example of query definition about product, Available in the storage of a given facility, collected by Program “Whole Blood”, which ABO group is “O Rh Negative”. Additionally, the checkbox Condition marked to narrow query result by specifying current Test Result.

NOTE:the list of Test Results includes predefined Test Names.

Active checkbox Condition gives possibility to get the list of Units, which period of usability Expires before current Date + some days.


NOTE:additional options Available, No Product , Injected and Transfused become accessible if main options All , by Program, of Donor or from Partner selected

In case the main option in Lot selected, the only one additional option accessible, as you see at the next figure:


As shown in the figure above, additional selector has three more options, one of which is No Product. You may choose it to get information about Bleed # assigned, but no product collected under that label, by some reason. Units, which became empty after division, will be present in the query result, too.

The last two additional options are Injected and Transfused, which behavior is identical from the user’s interface point of view. For example, you may select all Units transfused, or just transfused to some particular donor.


Few more words concerning main options of query definition. If you need to get a report about some specific Unit, select option by Unit# and enter its root number. All its subdivisions will be shown in the query result, too (if was made).


This figure displays an example of query definition intended to get the list of Units drawn from some donor. You may additionally specify a recipient, to whom a product of that donor transfused or injected, as described above.


Choose the option in Lot to review the list of Containers, available in the Lot selected.


Select option from Partner if information about product received needed. The only Partners with duty Product Exchange will be present in the list to choose.


The figure at the left presents query definition, intended to get information about some shipment. Mark checkbox Product of Donors currently in DDR to check if any such Units present in the shipment.


Almost any mentioned above query returns the list of Units. However, in case you want to see product in some Lot or Shipment, it will or can return the list of Containers. Let us look a little deeper to this exception, concerning Shipment, which is more specific comparing to Lot viewing. At the next figure, you can see the query result about some shipment, sent out from the facility. We see the list of Containers and number of Units they hold. Above the list of result, we see header, which reflects the name of Lot, the currently selected Container is bound to.


At the next figure, we see query result when the checkbox Product of Donors currently in DDR is marked. If such Units present in the shipment, they will be shown, instead of Containers.

Blood Center software - Collected Product Report

BCMA changes a color of rows in the list of query result, depending on status of Unit:


Here is the color legend explanation:

  • Period of usability expired
  • Still untested
  • Tested Ok
  • Waiting for Test Result Confirmation
  • Confirmed any Out of limit Test Result
  • Confirmed any Out of limit Test Result, but period of usability expired

Choosing the type of report is the last action to perform before its printing out. As you see in the next figure, some options might be disabled to access:


The following rules describe TYPE OF REPORT parameters availability depending on the option, chosen in the query main selector:

  • Summary always available, except when by Unit# selected or checkbox Product of Donors currently in DDR marked.
  • Detail always available
  • Pick List is available when in Shipment and Preparation in progress selected
  • Packing Slip available when in Shipment selected
  • Unit Label available for Unit(s) selection, when Show Unit’s# Bar-Coded marked
  • Show Unit’s# Bar-Coded always available

Mark Unit(s) or Container(s) in the list, for which you want to get report, select TYPE OF REPORT and push button Make Report.

Unit(s) Summary Report (without scan codes)


Unit(s) Summary Report (with scan codes)


Unit(s) Detail Report (without scan codes)


Unit(s) Detail Report (with scan codes)


Container(s) Pick List (without scan codes)


Container(s) Pick List (with scan codes)


Unit Label


Unit Label always printed with 2D scan code, assigned by user. Text encoded in this Label:

CONTENT: 895  Gm
Exp. date: 25 April 2022 23:59
Manufacturer: RAMIRT, Inc.
Program: ANTI-D
Donation Type: Paid Allogeneic AUTO
Class: Apheresis Cryoprecipitate
Modifier: Indefinite !    ABO Group: A Rh Positive Irradiated
Usage: For further manufacture - injectable
Altered: Cryoprecipitate Reduced
Preparation: Placed in freezer within 30 minutes
Anticoagulant: 4% Na Citrate
Residual Leucocyte Content: < 8.300.000