Blood Donation - Bleed# assignment


Note: compare with software 'Blood Center Manager' 

This dialog intended to assign Bleed# specified by Program of Blood Product Collection prescribed to a donor. Enter donor's BCMA# to activate it.

NOTE: to proceed with Donation Assignment donor must pass Registry, Screening and Questioning (if prescribed by current Program). Otherwise, BCMA chancels procedure with the message, like for example, "Donor did not pass Questionnaire".

Staff Errors Protection Rules

The first figure presents a situation when Center's employee trying to assign Bleed#, which is out of predefined range by Program definition. The same message "Wrong Bleed#" will be shown if label unknown or intended to another Program.

NOTE: BCMA does not generate Bleed# labels. It must be prepared separately. The goal of this dialog is to check if label in accordance with donor’s current Program, its number in a range and in sequence. For example, BCMA warns staff about broken sequence, if previously issued Bleed# was 'RP17900177' and operator trying to assign 'RP17903177' as the next one. Only today's Responsible Person has rights to confirm and proceed in such situation.

As you see in the next figure, in case of Donation of Source Plasma, staff may choose its Method. Notice, that only Manual method will be available for Whole Blood donation. Additionally, according to donor’s today screening results and Donation definitions, BCMA suggests the Weight to be drawn.

NOTE: bar-code reader at this Station will help to speed up the procedure and avoid staff mistakes

Blood Center software - Bleed Number assignment

To edit data of Bleed# or Method of donation, just call this dialog again and button Edit will get visible.


Let’s examine a situation when donor refused donation and left Center right after Bleed# assigned. Please, pay attention, real preprinted page with a set of that Bleed# labels can be physically still in stock! Therefore, if staff will try to assign this Bleed# to another donor today or to this donor again, but at some next day, BCMA warns that Bleed# already issued:

Blood Center software - Unit Bleed Number control

Let us say the Label Set of mentioned above Bleed# TD7777 not damaged and Ok to use. Staff can perform next actions to proceed:

  • Mark that Label Set in the regular manual log as VOID and choose the next one from the stock.

    However, because a sequence of drawn Units numbers will not match to the Bleed numbers issued, management of the Center must describe such a “hole” in the Product numbering. Looks like it is wrong reason to disturb, for example, FDA and/or customer, which made an order of Product Collection.
  • Temporary readjust the period of days when labels by this Program have to be unique. BCMA checks this parameter at the Unit Label Assign dialog, only. So, you may set the period of issued label uniqueness for 1 day, assign Bleed# needed and restore period of uniqueness with previous value.

    However, this method of cheating definitely will create a problem with customer, FDA and even for management of Center, because BCMA stores data about all labels assigned. Therefore, it is a right way to confuse anybody trying to explain later the Product Report, which displays information about several same Bleed# empty Units. Especially, if that Bleed# assigned in the period of label uniqueness.
  • Use the dialog of Unit Descriptor Editing – most applicable and safety way in such situation.

Now let us turn again this dialog into the Edit mode after Bleed# successfully assigned. We are expecting to get available the fields Bleed# and Method of donation, but next figure displays those disabled:


It is because availability of those fields depends on a current stage of Unit Processing and employee’s status. The next table explains the rules:

Unit already processed User is today’s Responsible Person Bleed# available Method of donation available
No No No Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
Yes No No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes


Therefore, the figure above reflects situation when regular employee trying to edit data of already collected Unit. Please, notice again that Center usually has several Responsible Persons, but only one of them assigned to modify today’s data.